Instagram Star Accused Of Killing Her Mother And Ripping Her Heart Out, Still Has Some Fans Defending Her Despite This Eerie Photo Caption

Anna Leikovic Lekovic Instagram Model Mother Praskovya Comrat Moldova

Anna Leikovic, a 21-year-old daughter and Instagram influencer, has allegedly killed her mother with a kitchen knife in a horrific and violent attack.

Leikovic has been arrested and charged with the murder of Praskovya Leikovic (Praskovya Lekovic), her 40-year-old mother.

The attack, during which Leikovic is accused of stabbing her mother and then violently ripping out her heart and other internal organs, including her lungs and intestines, took place at Praskovya Leikovic’s home.

The mother was still alive following the attack but died shortly afterward. Leikovic also allegedly cut up the organs she had extracted from her mother’s body while she was dying.

Praskovya Leikovic Comrat Moldova Daughter Anna

The barbaric murder has shocked people all over the world, but none are as surprised as her own family members, who say the mother loved her daughter, and they cannot begin to imagine that this violent murder has been carried out by her own child.

Speaking on behalf of police in Moldova, where Leikovic resides, spokesperson Lyubov Yanak said in a statement that there are no other suspects.

It is unknown yet what Leikovic’s motive was behind the killing of her mother. She had returned from a work trip in Germany when Praskovya Leikovic suspected she was taking drugs.

The family denies that rehab was being arranged for the young woman, but that she became furious when her mother suggested treatment — which could be the reason for the attack.

Her uncle told local media: “This was a very good family. Praskovya loved her daughter so much, and she spent as much time with her as she could. It took two hours for the police to tell me Anna is the main suspect. I could not even imagine this.”

A video filmed by reporters shows Leikovic wearing a face mask in court as she is supervised by police. She laughed while a journalist asked about the attack on her mother, saying only “goodbye.”

The investigation into this incident, which police have described as a “terrible crime,” continues as officials attempt to uncover the reason behind the unexpected violent outburst.

Police spokeswoman Yanak stated: “The detainee is the main suspect. There is no likelihood of other suspects. A thorough investigation is required to clarify the motive for the murder.”

Her Instagram page with the name “Ana Lekovic” is still up, and there are some surprising reactions from her followers.

Lekovic’s last Instagram post is a picture where she is gazing at the camera in an intensive manner, and she used the caption to call herself an “angel.”

She wrote: “Angel in the flesh. 👼🏼💓” A fan defended the model by saying: “You have no proof; everyone is innocent until proved otherwise.”

While another social media user wrote: “I heard you like flesh….go figure. A person who kills their own mother and laughs at people when they are asked about has no soul.”

The medical student from Comrat, Moldova also appeared to be cleaning her nails while in court.


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