Kristin Cavallari And Rumored Boyfriend Jeff Dye Address Wild Rumor Stirred Up By This Picture

Kristin Cavallari Boyfriends Rumor Explained

Many of Kristin Cavallari‘s fans are curious about her dating life, and she has decided to answer the rumors circulating on social media.

According to her friends, after her split from Jay Cutler, Cavallari has been living her best life as a liberated woman and kissing whoever she wants.

Speaking of kissing, the reality TV star was seen packing some passionate display of affection while on vacation with Jeff Dye.

However, a few days later, rumors started flying around, claiming that she had rapidly moved on with another guy —Southern Charm star Austen Kroll.

Over the weekend, Cavallari was pictured in Nashville having fun with her hairstylist and close friend, Justin Anderson, and Southern Charm stars Kroll and Craig Conover.

Fairly quickly, rumors hit the web that the Uncommon James founder was romantically tied to Kroll.

The Very Cavallari star did not waste much time either to shoot down the chatter.

She took to social media to roll her eyes and say: “I didn’t realize I wasn’t allowed to have FRIENDS that are guys.”

Dye also decided to address directly by writing: “He wishes.” Kroll realized that he might have caused some drama and decided to clear the air.

In an interview with Us Weekly, he stated: “Probably. I mean, I’m not here trying to cause problems. We just had fun with our friends.”

He went on to explain: “There is no Austen and Kristin, you know, it’s just funny. Kristin is a beautiful, driven girl, clearly, you know, what I’m attracted to, but she has a lot on her plate. She’s going through her own stuff.”

Kroll, who recently split from his co-star Madison LeCroy, has been accused of using Cavallari to make his ex jealous.

Kroll addressed the allegation by saying: “I’ve been a fool for so long. These episodes haven’t come out yet. And so, for people to think that we broke up, you know, last week, and then that I tried to run off and rub Kristin in her face or something is so absurd. I left the reunion, you know, with heartache for God’s sakes, and went to blow off steam.”

Despite the passionate kiss in Mexico, Cavallari is not ready to jump into a new relationship.

She confessed: “Here’s what I’m doing right now. I’m going through a divorce, obviously. I’m putting myself first. I mean, my kids will always be first, but beyond my kids, I’m making myself a priority right now.”

The mother of three added: “I don’t want anything … I’m not ready to jump into a relationship, I’m not. I’m taking care of me, and I’m figuring out ultimately what I’m going to want in life, and I’m going through the motions and the process of figuring that all out.”

Cavallari seems to be all about having fun.


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