Steph Curry Picked This Unexpected Photo Of His Wife, Ayesha Curry, To Share On Instagram

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Ayesha Curry has responded to comments about her decision to pose nude for a magazine after social media users accused her of being hypocritical.

The photo was shared by Ayesha Curry on Instagram last week, where she told her 7+ million followers that it was being used for the “BODY” feature of her own magazine, Sweet July.

However, a few years ago, Ayesha — who is the wife of NBA player Steph Curry — had posted on Twitter that it was not her “style” to wear “barely any clothes,” prompting social media users to suggest she was being a hypocrite by stripping down to advertise her magazine.

The tweet, which was posted by Ayesha Curry in 2015, said that she liked to “keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters.”

The image for the upcoming magazine shows Curry sitting on a floor, with her knees up and legs crossed as she looks at the camera and her long plaited hair falls down to one side.

In the caption, she said her husband, Steph, had chosen which photo would be the main feature.

She wrote: “from our @sweetjuly BODY feature. So many natural wellness and skin remedies in this issue! @stephencurry30 got to pick the photo😏. Shins and shoulders, y’all, shins and shoulders. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

Ayesha defended herself and her tweet from several years ago by saying it was about someone she had seen wearing nipple tassels in public, but “no one cared to ask” exactly what she had been tweeting about.

One fan jumped to her defense and told others that people “change and grow,” pointing out that it was more than five years since Curry made the comment.

This critic wrote: “The same woman who said something bout only showing her husband. I mean, I agreed there not for IG world.”

Another social media user made this remark: “Is this the same person that was telling women to cover up a few years ago? 😔🙃”

This Instagrammer chimed in: “I thought you and your husband are a Christian couple. 😮😮I smell a DIVORCE!!! The same woman who said something bout only showing her husband. I mean, I agreed there not for IG world.”

On Valentine’s Day, Steph Curry uploaded the photo of his wife and called her “my valentine” and “my baby.”

Meanwhile, Ayesha shared a cute photo with her husband outside surrounded by sunflowers and captioned the photo, “I love to love you, baby.”


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