Nurse, Who Fainted In Viral Video While Talking About Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Is Being Used By People Like Tucker Carlson To Make A Point

Tiffany Pontes Dover COVID Nurse Tennessee

Health officials in Tennessee now realize that maybe it was not the best idea to have nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover be one of the first people in the state to get the COVID-19 vaccine on live television.

Dover, who has a habit of fainting from pain or the sight of needles, made headlines after she passed out moments after getting the injection in her arm.

With the cameras rolling and the whole world watching, Dover bravely rolled up her sleeves and got the job done.

The 30-year-old mother of two, who is the nurse manager at CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee, was walking away when she held to her head and signaled that she was not feeling well.

About 17 minutes after getting the shot against the coronavirus, the health expert turned and said, “it’s really… I’m sorry I’m feeling really dizzy. I’m sorry…” before collapsing to the ground.

Two of her colleagues rushed to catch her as she stumbled from the mini podium.

After the nurse recovered from the malaise, she briefly spoke to the media to reassure the people watching the scene that she was well.

She also confirmed that she felt unwell not because of the vaccine but of a condition known as vasovagal syncope.

Those affected by vasovagal syncope often lose consciousness at the sight of blood or in moments of extreme emotional distress or due to prolonged exercise dehydration or skipping meals.

Once Dover recovered, she explained said that she was not surprised by what happened and added: “It just hit me all of a sudden… I feel fine now! It’s common for me. It is a reaction that can happen very frequently with any vaccine or shot.”

The video of the nurse fainting went viral, with many people explaining that they are baffled by her decision to take the shot on TV, knowing she would pass out.

A social media user shared: “If she “always had that condition,” why wasn’t it mentioned prior to her agreeing to take the vaccine on live tv 😂😂girl bye. Why would you take the vaccine on live tv if you knew you pass out due to pain..?”

Another chimed in with this remark: “If you’re the nurse that passed out after taking the vaccine and then go on to say you passing out on intensive care/critical wards is a regular thing, just be careful how you selling this vaccine to your fellow citizens cause it’s called treason. Speak the truth because people can see through this.”

This commenter added: “Now this is gonna go Viral smh to further solidify the narrative of the naysayers smfh.”

On his Fox News show, Tucker Carlson seized on the incident to question the science behind the coronavirus vaccine.

The skeptic host said: “It’s not superstition. There are rational reasons to be skeptical and ask questions. There has never been a successful vaccine for any variety of the coronavirus.”

He continued: “You are not a conspiracy nut for wanting answers. Rushed development and a clumsy rollout do not fully explain the handful of incidents of adverse reactions, such as the three nurses in Alaska who have suffered allergic responses.”

Carlson lashed out at the people and scientists in charge of the vaccine.

He stated: “..the worst in our already unimpressive professional class are now in charge of the coronavirus vaccine, and that should make you nervous. Americans understand that most of their leaders really do not care about them.”

The conservative media personality has developed a cult-like following by making points like these.


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