Josh Baker Nika Nicole Holbert Nashville Tennessee Traffic Stop Shootout

Tennessee Woman Dies After Shootout With Cop — Video Of Traffic Stop Gone Wrong Is Released

A traffic stop, which has gone terribly wrong, has led to the death of 31-year-old Nika Nicole Holbert, and a police officer got seriously injured in Nashville, Tennessee. Authorities at the Metro... Read more »
Nurse Tiffany Dover COVID Vaccine

Nurse Tiffany Dover Is Being Targeted In A New Bizarre Way By Those Who Believe She Died After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a hot spot for many conspiracy theories and hoaxes, and it seems like the situation is getting worse day after day in this regard. A couple of... Read more »
Michelle Swing Anthony Quinn Warner Nashville Christmas Bomber Gifted California Woman Two Homes

Nashville Christmas Bomber Gifted California Woman Two Homes Before Explosion And After Receiving Mysterious Letter

The motive behind the Nashville Christmas bombing is still under investigation, but now eyes have turned to Michelle Swing in a bid to uncover part of the mystery. 29-year-old Swing was gifted... Read more »
Mimi Groves Jimmy Galligan White College Student Kicked Out Video

White Student Kicked Out Of College Over Video Where She Is Saying The N-Word At 15 — Biracial Classmate Leaked Clip To ‘Teach Her A Lesson’

Mimi Groves, a student, has withdrawn from her dream university after Jimmy Galligan, a classmate, publicly shamed her on social media for using a racial slur when she was 15 years old.... Read more »
Tiffany Dover Alive Hospital Releases New Video

Tiffany Dover Alive: Hospital Releases New Video Of ‘Missing’ Nurse Who Fainted After Taking COVID-19 Vaccine To Counter Death Hoax And Creates More Confusion

Tiffany Dover, a nurse who had fainted after receiving the Pfizer COVID vaccine, is still sparking rumors that she has gone “missing” or died. Dover, 30, who works at CHI Memorial Hospital... Read more »
Tiffany Pontes Dover COVID Nurse Tennessee

Nurse, Who Fainted In Viral Video While Talking About Getting COVID-19 Vaccine, Is Being Used By People Like Tucker Carlson To Make A Point

Health officials in Tennessee now realize that maybe it was not the best idea to have nurse Tiffany Pontes Dover be one of the first people in the state to get the... Read more »
Caitlin Kaufman Shooting Death Devaunte Hill Arrested Nurse

Man Arrested For Fatally Shooting 26-Year-Old Nurse As She Drove To Work — Suspect Had Many Run-Ins With The Law

A man has been arrested for the murder of Caitlin Kaufman, a 26-year old nurse from Butler County, Nashville, who was killed while driving to work on the evening of December 3rd.... Read more »
Matt Colvin Noah Tennessee Hand Sanitizers Hoarding Brothers Coronavirus

Brothers, Who Price Gouged 18K Bottles Of Hand Sanitizer To Profit Off Coronavirus, Donates Them After Getting Called Out

The hoarding scheme of Matt Colvin and Noah Colvin was finally put to an end as the two brothers were officially prohibited from “buying and selling medical goods and products.” The two... Read more »
Ireland Tate Coronavirus Social Distancing

Woman Brags About Not Social Distancing, Gets Coronavirus — She Now Regrets Her Video

Ireland Tate recently made headlines with a video posted on Instagram where she shocked many by saying that she does not care about the social distancing rules imposed since the coronavirus pandemic... Read more »
Oderrial Moore-Williams Burger King Customer Gun Memphis

Burger King Employee Reportedly Pulled A Gun On A Customer Over Wrong Order Complaint

A 38-year-old Burger King employee was taken into custody for holding a customer at gunpoint because the client supposedly expressed dissatisfaction with the service as there were mistakes in her order. According... Read more »