Leaked Emails Reveal Why Divorcé Sued Parents Over Tossed $25k Porn Collection

Paul Beth Werking Sued By Son

A couple has been ordered to pay compensation after throwing away their son’s porn stash. 42-year old David Werking moved out of the home where he was living with his parents in 2016.

Werking had joined his parents after a divorce but later moved away from his parents’ Grand Haven home and asked them to send his belongings to join him at his new address in Muncie, Indiana.

However, his parents — Beth and Paul — omitted their son’s X-rated items from the shipment.

Werking’s father, Paul, told his son that he had done him a “big favor” by getting rid of the sex toys and pornographic materials.


The Michigan man claims the collection of more than 400 VHS tapes and 1,600 DVDs was worth a staggering $25,000 and has sued his parents and fought for compensation after losing the items.

Some of the items were so outrageous, claim Werking’s parents, that they feared they might even be against the law and locked them away in a safety deposit box.

Email 2

Werking and his father, Paul, had many exchanges via emails about the porn stash. In a lengthy email, the shocked and angry parents asked Werking what is wrong with him to view women the way he does.

Paul wrote: “I do not possess your pornography. It is gone. It has been either destroyed or disposed of. I may well have missed a few items that are now in your possession but, at this point, if you don’t have it, it is gone.
Ditto for your sex toys and smutty magazines. We counted twelve moving boxes full of pornography plus two boxes of “sex toys,” as you call them. We began that day the process of destroying them, and it took quite a while to do so.”

In another email, Paul said: “David, I find your whole attitude toward women to be very disturbing. Women are not objects for you to masturbate with. They are people created by God just as you were and should be treated with respect and dignity.”

Paul also lectured his son about his failed marriage to ex-wife Mary, with whom he shares a daughter: “You are almost 40 years old. How has life worked out for you so far? Maybe now is a good time to change your goals and how you live. Don’t worry; I’m not going to preach at you again. I think that you know enough that you can figure it out for yourself and that you know where to find the answers.”

Werking responded by: “There’s plenty of porn on the internet if you want to watch that Dad. Try YouPorn or xhamster. Believe me, I know you need it with mom around. I needed it with Mary around. Meanwhile, for me, there are college girls out there waiting to be made into women.”

The couple also told the court that they had asked their son not to bring pornographic items into their home while he was living there, but that he had ignored this and proceeded to collect an array of sex toys and porn magazines while living at their address.

However, Werking and his attorneys won the case on December 10 when judge Paul Maloney ruled that this did not matter in law, and ultimately the plaintiff was entitled to compensation for the loss of his naughty stash.

Since his parents had admitted to disposing of Werking’s possessions, the ruling was straightforward.

It has not been decided yet exactly how much Werking’s parents will have to pay.

The family will file paperwork summarising the cost of the damages, and a final decision will be made in February next year.


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