Beyoncé Might Have A Sweet Surprise In Store For Her Fans In Early 2021

Beyonce Megan Thee Stallion Grammy Awards Savage Remix

Fans of Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion have much to be excited about, as the rumor mill has been going on about how the two megastars would most likely appear together at the stage of the 2021 Grammys.

The possibility of the two celebrities from Texas performing together has been higher than ever, especially since the 25-year-old rapper recently hinted that she was currently negotiating to perform her “Savage” hit song featuring Beyoncé at the prestigious event.

Even though the two artists are both nominated in the category Record of the Year, Beyoncé with “Black Parade” and Megan Thee Stallion with “Savage,” the two ladies met a few years ago and have grown to appreciate each other.

In a recent interview, Megan Thee Stallion opened up and revealed how much it meant to her to be able to collaborate with the 39-year-old Lemonade artist.

The femcee, who like Beyoncé comes from Houston, stated that she grew up admiring Queen Bey and explained the importance of the singer in her life: “Being from Houston, Beyoncé means everything to us. I’m pretty sure Beyoncé means everything to a lot of people. But when I got to do a song with her? Oh, my God.”

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Megan Thee Stallion, who recently debuted her Good News album, shared: “Beyoncé is just like, ‘Look queen, just rise above. She says it the nicer way, and Jay gives it to me the turnt up way. I remember the first time I ever saw Destiny’s Child in concert. It was at the Rodeo and it was just amazing. I remember being a little kid like, ‘Wow. I want to do this one day.'”

She added: “Just being from Houston, you have to know what Beyoncé just means to us. She’s like the standard, so being able to just speak to Beyoncé now, I’m like, girl, pat on the back because this is great.”

Megan Thee Stallion also discussed why the song “WAP,” which was done in collaboration with fellow rapper Cardi B, would not compete in the GRAMMYs.

According to Megan, she did not know why Cardi B did not submit their hit to the competition, but she knew Cardi to be a very smart woman, and she never questioned her decisions.

It was a surprising move because many experts in the industry applauded the cultural impact and overall societal reach of the hit track.


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