‘Well-Respected’ Family Man Kills Wife And Their Two Sons After Accusing Her Of Cheating In Chilling Facebook Post Featuring 80 Photos Of The Children

Ashley Kjae Kycohn Kyle Milliken Kentucky Family Of Four

Two children and their parents have been found dead in Kentucky, just hours after their father shared a post on Facebook speaking of family troubles.

On Sunday morning, the lifeless bodies of Kyle Milliken, Ashley Milliken, and their two children — 13-year-old Kjae Milliken and 8-year-old Kycohn Milliken — were discovered following a shooting which took place at their home.

Police found their bodies at the Mayfield home after responding to calls regarding the shooting and released a statement to say the investigation had begun into the horrific case.

It is believed that the autopsies of the bodies took place on Monday, according to Kentucky State Police.

The shooting is reported to have happened in the early hours of the morning after Kyle Milliken posted on Facebook at around 1 a.m. to vent about the troubles within the family.

In his emotional and final Facebook message, he told his friends that his kids meant everything to him and that it is not always possible to make a woman happy.

He also wrote about being betrayed, suggesting there had been instances of disloyalty or unfaithfulness between the couple.

The note, which was accompanied by 80 pictures of his sons, read: “My kids are my everything, a women [sic] can come and go. If she is not happy You can’t make her happy!’ A lot of the time, she was going to do it anyway, but when u [sic] pick someone up and carry them for years and she still betray you, what do you do? There is one person that knows the story behind this journey.”

He added: “I have got to say I love my boys with ever ounce of me! Everything I have done in life as a adult has been for them, to have a better life than I’ve had growing up. Then you have this stuff pop up and throw a whole wrench in it!”

Kyle Milliken shared dozens of images of his two sons enjoying some of their favorite activities, including baseball, hunting, and fishing.

Responding to the shocking deaths of the family of four, their pastor, Chad Lamb, offered condolences to their families and said he was grieving along with the entire community.

He paid tribute to the family as a “well-respected” part of the community. The Grace Life Church pastor said he was shocked to hear of the deaths.

Although the police have yet to release further information about the deaths, they have said there is no broader threat to the public.

Many believe the deaths to be a murder-suicide following Milliken’s final social media post.


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