Candace Cameron Bure And Daughter Natasha Hit Back After ‘Unkind’ Comments Over This Photo — The ‘Full House’ Actress Gets Scolded Once More

Candace Cameron Bure Daughter Natasha Take On Critics

Candace Cameron Bure has said there are “real people behind every screen” after comments on her social media pages that criticized a family photo that she had posted on Saturday.

The Full House actress posted on Instagram to welcome in the New Year and wish her social media followers a “happy new year.”

She shared a photo of herself and her husband, Valeri Bure, standing on an outdoor porch, joined by their three children — 22-year-old Natasha, 20-year-old Lev, and 18-year-old Maksim.

However, a day later, she was posting again to rebuke commenters for their harsh words.

While many celebrity friends and fans were supportive, with one calling them a “beautiful, loving family,” not all were so kind.

Despite the caption for the post wishing “grace, compassion, and love to mankind” for the year ahead, many social media users took a jibe at family members for not looking into the camera, looking “stoned” or not smiling while the photo was being taken.

Following the comments on the photo, which has amassed more than half a million likes, Candace Bure took to Instagram and Facebook to express her disappointment at strangers’ reactions online.

In her post, she told the haters to “do better than that” instead of looking for things to mock in others’ “physical appearances.”

Bure asked her followers whether they thought it was “funny to criticize someone’s children” and went on to say “rude is rude” regardless of who or how old a person might be.

Bure’s daughter, Natasha, who was ridiculed in the comments section for looking like an “evil queen” from a “Disney movie” and not looking into the camera, responded on Instagram to say “sue me” followed by several zany face emojis.

A fan had this to say: “I see nothing wrong with your family photo!! Much love to you all! Happy New Year!”

This person called Candace Cameron out for her reaction: “The sooner you realize people are looking to be corrected and need attention, the better your life will be. Everyone knows how social media works. Media in general. Find the peace you wish for everyone else first for yourself before blaming others for being themselves. There are no bad guys and heroes here. Being self-righteous doesn’t look good on anyone. You won’t fix anyone that way. A better strategy might be to say. “Wow, you guys have a lot of opinions about this photo. I appreciate those that enjoy and celebrate this photo with my family and me. Thank you.” And then move on. Award love with love. Discipline hate with silence. We’re all here on social media for our own reasons. Don’t use the internet if it upsets you. And I truly mean that “with tough love.”

Some experts say it is best for celebrities to mute online negativity.


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