Kate Abdo Goes Viral With Cringy Video And Comment About Sperm To Ryan Garcia’s Father, Henry, After Boxing Victory

Kate Abdo Video Ryan Garcia Father Henry

Ryan Garcia‘s boxing victory on Saturday night was slightly overshadowed by a “cringy” comment made by commentator Kate Abdo to Garcia’s father, Henry, during the fight.

Competing for the interim World Boxing Council (WBC) lightweight title, 22-year-old Ryan Garcia stole the title when he defeated fellow boxer, Luke Campbell.

The fight took place at Dallas American Airlines Center in Texas, and in a separate contest, Ryan Garcia’s brother, Sean Garcia, won his own victory earlier the same night by defeating Rene Marquez.

However, by the end of the night, social media users had a lot to say — and it was not just about the boxing matches fought by the two brothers.

Speaking with their father, Henry Garcia, commentator Kate Abdo complimented the brothers for their athletic ability and good looks before going on to say: “That’s some good sperm you got there, sir.”

And it seemed Henry Garcia found the comment just as awkward as the viewers did, as he left immediately afterward.

On social media, people were quick to label Kate Abdo’s comment as the “quote of the year,” including boxing journalist Dan Rafael — who shared on Twitter that it was “only January 2nd,” yet Abdo had managed to come up with the quote of the year already. At the same time, others stated that it was cringeworthy.

After his big win, Ryan Garcia made a victory speech during which he revealed that he had been “too excited about the moment,” which had resulted in him being dropped in the second round for the first time since his career began.

However, he insisted he wanted to “show everyone what a warrior is really like” by “adjust[ing]” to the situation and eventually defeating his rival.

He yelled: “Yo, I got dropped. It was crazy! I’ve never been dropped in my life. I got a little too excited about the moment. I wanted to crack him, and he cracked me. I had to adjust. I knew I could beat him. I had to show everyone what a warrior is really like.”

The British media personality has not addressed the controversy on social media. A critic pointed out the double standard on comments like these: “U got away with telling Ryan Garcia’s dad he has good sperm. 🤦🏾‍♂️ No way a man gets away with telling a woman on national tv that she must have some good eggs. Big double standard.”

Next, the WBC will order Devin Haney to defend his current lightweight championship by competing against Ryan Garcia following his recent title.


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