Olivia Munn Sunbathes With Nothing On In Raunchy Photo That Left Some Fans Confused And Angry

Olivia Munn Careyes Mexico Photos

Olivia Munn has found the best way ever to start 2021 — a lavish vacation on a paradise-like island where she was able to flaunt her bikini body in its full glory.

The Love, Wedding, Repeat actress took to social media where she shared a few stunning photos taken in Careyes, Mexico.

While some fans were baffled by the fact that Olivia Munn had decided to travel during the ongoing pandemic, others were delighted by the view of her perky butt in the pictures.

The most captivating photo featured the I Don’t Know How She Does It actress stepping away from the beautiful ocean and walking up cement stairs.

Of course, the picture was taken from behind. Therefore fans got a full view of her bum. In a different snap, Munn flaunts her fit body in the colorful bikini as she lays face down on a towel and later face up to get the tan she desires.

She also posted another photo where she has no clothes and uses a male friend to hide her modesty.

She said: “If you wanna buy or sell a house, follow @brycepennel – He’s the best real estate agent in LA. đŸ„° Love you, fam. ☀”

A person had this reaction to the scandalous photo: “Obviously, he must be a good salesman, and he convinced that woman to take her clothes off 😎.”

This backer wrote: “Lucky guy next to Olivias butt. đŸ€Ł”

She used the other captions to say that she was enjoying her new year and hoped the same for her millions of followers. The 40-year-old actress was called toned deaf for her steamy pictures.

The post prompted this remark from the following fan: “Who flies the private plane? Other people, she is putting at risk. If you drive to@your private beach house without putting others at risk, that is fine. But clearly, she needs someone to fly the plane, drive the boat she’s on, etc.”

Another social media user made this comment about Munn’s decision to go on a lavish vacation during the COVID-19 health crisis: “We are in lockdown here in Canada, saving lives and doing the right thing. I’ve canceled two trips to the beach cause it’s the right thing to do. Please stop rubbing it in that the rich don’t have a conscience.”

It seems that the Oaklahoma City native is living her best life without a care.


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