Betty White Turns 99 — This Is How The ‘Golden Girls’ Star Plans To Celebrate Her Birthday

Betty White Birthday Celebration Party

Many people have had to limit their social interactions in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and it looks like Betty White will make no exception for her 99th birthday.

Recently, Betty White did an interview with Entertainment Tonight, where she spoke about her special day that is today — January 17th.

The funny nonagenarian and animal lover had this to say: “What am I doing for my birthday? Running a mile each morning has been curtailed by COVID, so I am working on getting The Pet Set re-released and feeding the two ducks who come to visit me every day.”

According to a source close to White, she has displayed a strong sense of responsibility by deciding that she is planning to have a relatively toned-down birthday celebration, using modern solutions like Zoom to contact those she wants to see on her big day.

It sounds like she still has some serious plans for her celebration though, and is not going to let the current circumstances impact her ability to have fun with her family and friends.

The Golden Girls star is reportedly still planning to have a party with a lot of people attending, (even if just virtually), including a big chocolate cake and lots of candles.

White did not try to hide her love for sweets and her desire to celebrate her birthday with plenty of those.

A source told Closer: “The pandemic won’t stop Betty from celebrating turning 99 years old. She’s planning a Zoom garden party with friends and a big chocolate birthday cake with candles. She’s always had a sweet tooth! She [also] asked for hotdogs and fries with ketchup.”

And it looks like she is going to get all the attention she deserves on her birthday, as plenty of people have been following the developments around the upcoming event closely.

The insider explained: “She’s [also] received handmade knitted scarves, ornaments and portraits they’ve painted. She feels so proud and blessed to have such a huge following and never takes her fans for granted!”

White may still choose to have physical contact with some people, but their numbers will be extremely limited in light of the current situation.

She also reportedly lives with a nurse who works full time around her, and she will be present for the big event just as well, as the two have grown quite close together.

For many, the iconic comedian is a national treasure.


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