Melania Trump Son Barron Birthday Message

Melania Trump Shocks Fans After Posting This Photo On Barron Trump’s Special Day

Over the weekend, Melania Trump took to social media to mark a joyous occasion — the former First Lady of the United States was celebrating Barron Trump‘s 15th birthday. The ex-fashion and... Read more »
Melania Donald Trump Ivanka Favorite Person

Melania Trump’s Former Friend Reveals Who Is The Most Important Person In Donald Trump’s Life

A new statement from Melania Trump‘s former senior advisor and close friend, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, claims that former President Donald Trump would always prefer his daughter, Ivanka Trump, to his wife. Wolkoff,... Read more »
Melania Trump Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Case Dropped Joe Biden Donald

Melania Trump Is Facing Nightmare Scenario After Getting A Hard Blow From Joe Biden’s Administration

Melania Trump‘s former friend and confidant, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has made it clear that she has some unfinished business to handle, and she has recently received the green light to march on... Read more »
Barron Donald Trump Melania White House Exit Video

Melania Trump And Her Son, Barron, Go Viral Because Of This Video

A three-second clip of Melania Trump ignoring press attention as she landed with her husband, former President Donald Trump, in Florida this week has gone viral. Social media users are making the... Read more »
President Donald Wife Melania Her Father Viktor Knavs

President Donald Trump Reportedly Humiliated And Cursed At Melania’s Father For This Bizarre Reason

A penetrating exposé in the Washington Post suggests that even though First Lady Melania Trump has finally managed to establish her position within the President Donald Trump‘s family, the same could not... Read more »
Melania Trump President Donald Florida

Melania Trump Has A Warning For Husband Donald Trump Over His Wildest Dream

Melania Trump is tired of the political circus where her husband, President Donald Trump, is the ring leader. Since November 4th, the U.S. First Lady and the President have been living in... Read more »
Melania Trump Michelle Obama President Donald Joe Biden

Melania Trump Is Following Michelle Obama’s Footsteps With A Memoir, And This Is How President Donald Trump Feels About It

Political junkies should get their popcorn because Melania Trump is about to spill all the juicy secrets from her time in the White House. Both President Donald Trump and his wife are... Read more »
President Donald Trump First Lady Melania Michael Cohen

Melania Trump Might Have A Sweet Surprise For President Donald Trump After His Epic Election Loss

Many have speculated that the marriage between Donald Trump and Melania Trump was not based on love. Those critics and former family friends claim that the relationship is instead a business arrangement... Read more »
Melania Trump's Net Worth Ivana President Donald Money

Melania Trump Will Not Like This Revelation About Donald Trump’s Ex-Wife, Ivana Trump

The fortune of the first wife of Donald Trump, businesswoman Ivana Trump, surpasses that of his current spouse, Melania Trump , by a lot. The alleged net worth of Ivana is around... Read more »
Hillary Clinton Melania Trump Jill Biden Photos Of Barbara Laura Bush First Lady

Hillary Clinton Shades Melania Trump With Classy Photos For Not Meeting Dr. Jill Biden

First lady Melania Trump has decided to follow in her husband’s footsteps and pretend as if Joe Biden was not declared the winner of the 2020 presidential election. Thus far, the former... Read more »
Melania Trump No Mask Virginia Arlington National Cemetery Veterans Day

New Photos Of Melania Trump Enrage Some Americans

Melania Trump stepped out of the White House this week to commemorate a somber moment. She has enraged some Americans with her decision to ignore the protocols in place due to the... Read more »
President Donald Trump Melania Divorce

Melania Trump Is Eyeing A Nasty Surprise After President Donald Trump Lost The Election, Says Former Friend

Soon-to-be former President Donald Trump might become a single man as soon as he leaves the White House. According to a former Trump family friend, Melania Trump has been counting down the... Read more »