Demi Moore Uses This New Photo To Take On Plastic Surgery Rumors After Scandal Erupts Over Jaw-Dropping Runway Appearance At Paris Fashion Week

Demi Moore Fendi Paris Fashion Week

Demi Moore appeared on the runway at Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday and received mixed reviews from her fans on social media.

Walking the catwalk for Fendi, 58-year-old Demi Moore wore a black satin suit as she opened the famous show this week.

On her Instagram, she claimed the experience was a “teenage dream” she had now fulfilled — as she joined other big names in the industry, including Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss, and her daughter, Lila, and Bella Hadid.

One social media user claimed her look as “comfortable but elegant,” as Moore flaunted her slim figure and high cheekbones in the classy outfit which sat off the shoulder.

However, others thought she looked different and speculated she might have been under the knife recently for some cosmetic surgery procedures.

A comment on social media said she looked “nothing like Demi Moore,” while another was convinced she has had plastic surgery recently and complained that she needs to “Stoppp….this has to be a makeup trick or something, right?!?! Like some weird AF look for a fashion show or something? This can’t be real! Please tell me she didn’t REALLY do this to her face?!”

Another social media enthusiast shared, “I can’t figure out if it’s makeup or the work, but it’s not good. I hate that I feel that way because I’m Team Demi. I love her naturally aging look. She was stunning before, but ageism in Hollywood is something else.”

Despite the negative comments, many others thought she looked “so beautiful” and gushed over her youthful and “lovely” appearance this week.

In throwback photos posted to her Instagram account from back in her younger days, many fans pointed out the resemblance between Demi Moore and her daughter, Rumer Willis.

Rumer is the oldest daughter of Demi Moore and her ex-husband, Bruce Willis, who split amicably in 2000 after more than a decade of marriage.

Fans were amazed to see 32-year-old Rumer looks very similar to her mother, Demi, when she was the same age.

Despite getting married to Emma Hemming in 2009, Bruce Willis still maintains contact with his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and their three children — Rumer, 29-year-old Scout, and 26-year-old Tallulah.

After the plastic surgeries rumors hit the Internet, the legendary actress returned to social media, where she posted a second picture with her face looking normal.

The iconic’s actress might have looked unrecognizable on the catwalk, but she brought a lot of attention to the event.


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