Madonna Might Not Be Happy About These Leaked Bikini Photos Of Daughter Lourdes Leon For This Reason

Madonna Daughter Lourdes Leon Boyfriend Jonathan Puglia Mexico Vacation

Lourdes Leon has been spotted getting cozy on the beach with her boyfriend, Jonathan Puglia, this weekend as they enjoyed a sunny trip to Mexico together despite the coronavirus pandemic.

Spending time in Tulum with her boyfriend and some of their other friends, the 24-year-old daughter of music icon Madonna was seen drinking, smoking, chatting, and sunbathing on Saturday.

And it seemed despite their relationship of almost four years, Lourdes’s boyfriend, Jonathan Puglia, just could not keep his hands off her as they were seen hugging and kissing freely without appearing to be bothered by other beachgoers.

The couple lounged together on a daybed, smoked cigarettes, and drank bottles of Corona beer.

Lourdes, who is known to family and friends as Lola, was first seen wearing an animal print mini dress with rectangular orange sunglasses but later took the dress off to reveal a tiny red and orange bikini set — complete with matching thong.

Her dyed red hair was tied up in a messy bun, which she later released to show off her long tresses. Lourdes was also seen taking pictures with her phone and chatting with other friends who joined the couple on the beach.

The model’s boyfriend wore blue shorts and black trainers, accessorized with a bucket hat to shield his face from the sunshine.

One fan of the music legend said she may be unhappy to see her daughter smoking, because while she might dive excessively in what she wears, her music, and her behavior, Madonna is known for her healthy eating habit and impressive workout routine.

The backer shared: “I wonder what Madonna will say to this because it is known that she forbids her daughter from smoking.”

A source recently spoke about Madonna’s parenting style when it comes to her daughter’s dating life, saying that while Lourdes appreciates her mother taking an interest, the “micromanaging” can become too much for her.

The source revealed Madonna would call Lourdes frequently to inquire about her relationship with Jonathan.

Madonna had also made several attempts to arrange double dates with her own boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams, and Lourdes and Jonathan.

The person Us Weekly: “She’s constantly on the phone asking how things are going [between the pair.]She wants to know when they’re making things official,’ they went on, adding that the Like A Virgin singer tries to arrange double dates with her daughter, Puglia, and her 26-year-old boyfriend, Ahlamalik Williams.”

The insider added: “..As with everything in her life, she handles parenting with a huge amount of intensity. Lourdes appreciates how much her mom cares, but she’s finding all the micromanaging too much to handle.”

Some observers say that the young woman has a bit of her mother’s wild side.


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