Halle Berry Is Being Called ‘The Hottest Woman Alive’ After Sharing This Video

Halle Berry Recreates James Bond Scene New Video

Actress Halle Berry has heads turning again after launching a new bikini video to promote her health and wellness brand, Respin.

Berry’s life changed in 2002 when she was cast in the Bond film Die Another Day alongside Pierce Brosnan.

In the new video, she recreated one of the iconic Bond girl scenes when her character, Giacinta “Jinx” Johnson, stepped out of the water wearing a stunning orange bikini set, a belt, and a knife attachment.

The scene was a nod to Dr. No, which had been released 40 years earlier. The 1962 Bond classic featured Ursula Andress as Honey Ryder, alongside Sean Connery as James Bond.

Andress and her character captivated audiences when she emerged from the water as Honey Ryder, holding two shells and wearing little except a bikini with a knife attached at her side — a scene revisited by Berry four decades later.

On Monday, 18 years after Berry’s life-changing moment as Bond girl Jinx, she recreated the scene once again — flying the flag for her company, Respin, while paying tribute to one of the most iconic film scenes — this time wearing a strappy black bikini set.

One fan declared after seeing the video: “Hottest Woman Alive.)”

Another stated: “Beautiful message @halleberry to stay empowered to take care of our bodies. Thank you for sharing this&#x1f496.”

Berry received this kind note: “👏 Yes Halle it is a life ling journey that takes consistency and the work put in. It’s a lifestyle, being younger, it was always about aesthetics, but then as you get older, it’s about mobility, energy, agility. I absolutely ❤️ hearing information from you because it’s inspiring and encouraging because it is attainable at any age.👊💪”

Berry’s wellness brand, Respin, was launched in 2018 and grew from former fan platform Hallewood.

Berry’s wellness journey began 14 years before she filmed Die Another Day when at 22 years old, she fell into a coma due to diabetes and decided she needed to “re-spin” her entire lifestyle.

From then on, she became a strong advocate for health and fitness, and in the last ten years, has taken up boxing regularly and now considers it her go-to exercise.

As well as recreating her favorite Bond moment, the new promotional video for Respin also features the actress showing off her boxing skills and practicing yoga.

Berry, who is dating musician Van Hunt, seems ready to take her brand higher after finding love again.


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