Zendaya Shares Provocative Shots From ‘Malcolm & Marie’ With John David Washington — Fans Say They Are Incredible

Zendaya John David Washington Malcom And Marie Photos

Zendaya has shared a series of photographs to her Instagram Stories to show fans some behind-the-scenes shots of the newly released Netflix movie, Malcolm & Marie.

Among the photos posted by the 24-year-old actress was a vintage-looking selfie, as she posed sitting on a bed wearing a revealing gold outfit.

She took the photo herself with a small camera, snapping the pic in a mirror and giving her 86 million followers a glimpse into the bedroom, which included a tall lamp and a colorful painting of a boat at sea.

The sexy dress revealed much of Zendaya’s toned legs as it split up the side, and she added black tights and stiletto heels to complete the look.

It was recognized as the jaw-dropping metallic gown from the movie Malcolm & Marie, which follows a filmmaker named Malcolm — played by John David Washington — and his girlfriend, Marie, who fight, have deep conversations about life, love, race, failures, pain, rebirth and all in between as they await the outcome of a film premiere.

Zendaya chose the costume herself since there were no designers or makeup artists on the set due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The crew consisted of just 22 people, and the entire film was shot over two weeks. The photos were shared on Tuesday and available for 24 hours on Zendaya’s Instagram story.

In addition to the stunning selfie, Zendaya also shared candid shots of her co-star, John David Washington, as well as other people on set outdoors at sunrise.

The movie, released on February 4, was filmed entirely in black and white, paying tribute to a time when Black actors were not often seen on the screen.

Zendaya, who was also a producer for the film, described it as “timeless,” saying it “reclaimed the beauty and elegance” of the original film era.

An hour before it was released, she posted to Twitter that she was feeling “excitement and nervousness” about the film’s debut.

Those, who have seen Zendaya’s stellar performance, have praised her and are begging her to continue on that path.

One backer said: “I’m not sure where you got the inspiration from to make this movie, but it touched me very much. I can relate a lot to the experiences Marie went through in the film. This was a great film. It’s raw, and that’s why I like it.”

Another positive comment stated: “There were times during her performance I forgot to breathe. It was incredible.”

Zendaya also received this note of kindness that read: “This is the first of many leading roles, sis, and I don’t doubt you will turn the world upside down again with your talent! #proud.”

Zendaya is already getting Oscar buzz for her portrayal of Marie.


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