Melania Trump Is Facing Nightmare Scenario After Getting A Hard Blow From Joe Biden’s Administration

Melania Trump Stephanie Winston Wolkoff Case Dropped Joe Biden Donald

Melania Trump‘s former friend and confidant, Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, has made it clear that she has some unfinished business to handle, and she has recently received the green light to march on with her plan.

This week, the Department of Justice announced that it has decided to drop its lawsuit against the former senior advisor to Melania Trump.

Melania Trump’s ex-White House aide wrote an intimate and controversial tell-all book, Melania and Me, and has conducted several interviews where she exposed the former first lady of the United States.

Wolkoff received the favorable decision because all the Justice Department attorneys appointed under former President Donald Trump have resigned.

President Joe Biden is the one who requested that the lawyers exit their posts.

A department official spoke to PEOPLE and explained that they “evaluated the case and concluded that dismissal without prejudice was in the best interests of the United States based on the facts and the law.”

The entertainment executive celebrated the news in a statement that read: “I believe my story is one of moral resilience in the face of adversity, intimidation, and emotional duress. The Trumps weaponized the Department of Justice against me to keep me muzzled from speaking the truth after they intentionally framed, falsely accused, and criminally tied me to many investigations.”

The high-profile event planner added: “The recent DOJ’s ruling for the order of dismissal is vindication for me from the vicious personal attacks on my character and reckless, self-serving abuse of power directed toward me from former President Trump [and] Melania Trump on down. No one is above the law, and thankfully in the Biden administration, people are being held accountable for their misdeeds. Those courageous enough to speak truth to power aren’t being thrown into the lion’s den.”

Donald Trump’s staff filed the lawsuit against Wolkof weeks before losing the presidential election claiming that she broke a nondisclosure agreement she had signed with the Trump administration.

Wolkoff embarrassed the Slovene-American former model and businesswoman by leaking multiple secret recordings where she is lamenting about Donald Trump’s immigration policies, not being on the cover of Vogue, and her Christmas duties.

Moments after the lawsuit was dismissed, Wolkoff shared a series of tweets where she revealed that Melania Trump’s nightmare is far from over because she has hours of private conversations in her possession and can leak them to the world at any given moment.

She said the following about the unreleased recordings of Melania Trump: “Melania opened Pandora’s box involving the DOJ. The enormous trove of communications & documentations I possess and shared tell the true story about “why” and “how” the contracts were “created” and “terminated” and who was involved. TRUTH PREVAILS.”

Observers say a second book might be coming out after this.


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