Bella Hadid Slams Body-Shamer Who Was Offended By Her New Bikini Photos

Bella Hadid Takes On Body Shamer After Posting Bikini Photos

Bella Hadid has shared a collection of new photographs to Instagram in a throwback to her recent sun-soaked trip to an undisclosed location.

The 24-year-old model posted five images to Instagram this month, four of which had been taken inside a large plush bathroom and gathered more than 2 million likes in less than 12 hours.

Hadid wore a navy two-piece swimsuit, which fans quickly recognized since she had shared videos in the same outfit the day before — where she posed against a tropical backdrop of blue sea and palm trees.

She posed in front of a large oval bathroom mirror for her recent snaps, showing off her slim figure as she wore the bikini set, which was noticeably embellished with small white shells.

Running her hands through her long brunette hair, she captioned the post “Palestinian and Dutch,” referencing the nationalities she inherited from her parents — former model Yolanda Hadid and entrepreneur Mohamed Anwar Hadid.

Body-shamers attacked Bella Hadid, and she did not hesitate to fight back. “You look so tired,” commented a social media user.

“WHY everyone is telling @flwrisland she has ‘terrible vibes,’ she just says that Bella looks tired, which is true and that doesn’t mean a bad thing. Stop making it so deep when it isn’t,” wrote another fan.

Hadid responded: “i…… was…… and just woke up…I am … sorry that my bags … offend u.”

Fans also noticed that she appeared to have been sunburnt while on vacation, which in an earlier post, Hadid attributed to falling asleep in the sun.

The fifth and final photo posted to her following of more than 38 million was a close-up shot of her makeup-free face as she lay on a bed showing off her clear skin and pouting for the camera.

The model has stayed busy during the coronavirus pandemic and recently walked the runway for Fendi during a virtual fashion show alongside Demi Moore and Kate Moss.

Hadid modeled three different outfits from Fendi’s 2021 spring-summer collection, including a dramatic black dress by designer Kim Jones.

Speaking previously about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on her work, Bella Hadid said that three months at home had been “intense” since she was accustomed to being away from home every week.

In 2016, Hadid was voted Model of the Year by a leading modeling company. She is considered by many experts as one of the main faces in the competitive industry.


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