Eddie Hassell’s Murder Suspect Is 18 And Here Is What The Grieving Parents Of The ‘Devious Maids’ Actor Had To Say About The Alleged Killer

Eddie Hassell Murder Suspect D'Jon Antone Arrested Parents Sandi And David Might Forgive

Actor Eddie Hassell‘s life came to a tragic end as he was shot and killed outside his girlfriend, makeup artist Elizabeth Martin‘s home in Texas. He was only 30 years old.

The circumstances around the death of the Devious Maids actor remain unclear, as police have been reluctant to reveal too much about the horrific incident.

However, some reports indicate that it might have been a random robbery gone wrong. According to Hassell’s representative, his girlfriend was in her apartment when the shooting occurred and did not see the assailant.

The rep also revealed that the actor was shot in the stomach. The shooting reportedly occurred around 1:50 a.m., and Hassell was taken to a nearby hospital immediately after the incident.

However, he was pronounced dead at the facility. It is still unclear what might have provoked the shooter and the exact circumstances around the actor’s death.

And police have been urging people to come forward with possible tips about the deadly shooter. One man has reportedly been arrested in connection with the murder so far.

D’Jon Antone was apprehended in Grand Prairie, Texas, and is being held at Grand Prairie Detention Center on a $500,000 bond and facing a capital murder charge.

However, authorities have declined to reveal more information about the suspect, other than to confirm that he is an 18-year-old male and that he is not from the Grand Prairie area.

It is not clear if he was taken in as a suspect or a possible person of interest in general, but more information will likely come out as the investigation progresses.

Fans of the actor have been calling for more information to be released on social media, though it does not seem like this is very likely to happen anytime soon.

The current state of the investigation appears to be under a major question mark, leaving lots of questions and unknown factors in the air.

Many fans and co-stars have come out to express their condolences for those close to the deceased actor and have been active in discussing the incident online.

Hassell had a role in The Kids Are All Right, alongside Julianne Moore and Mark Ruffalo.

He also appeared in the sci-fi show Surface, with Lake Bell and Leighton Meester.

Hassell was remembered by Ruffalo, who tweeted: “Rest In Peace, Eddie. More senseless gun violence. It’s a plague on our nation. This should not be our reality.”

The late actor’s parents — Sandi and David Hassell — said in an interview that they could forgive the alleged murderer of their son if he spends a lot of time in prison.

The grieving father stated: “Being the kind of people that we are, we can forgive this guy, but I think he needs to do his time for the rest of his life. He took my son.”

He will be remembered as a kind soul.


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