Tammy Hembrow Gives A Close Look At Her Famous Booty With New Photos After Slamming Reports That She Had Plastic Surgery

Tammy Hembrow Plastic Surgery Booty Photo

Tammy Hembrow‘s reputation as a fitness coach is not the only thing she has been building over recent years. According to one of her latest Instagram posts, she subtly told fans her toned body was “built, not bought.”

In the post shared on Friday, model and entrepreneur Tammy Hembrow posed from three different angles while wearing a pair of tiny white shorts and a matching top.

The 26-year-old influencer has denied rumors of a Brazilian butt lift for well over a year, having previously said she finds it “offensive” when people suggest she has skipped her workouts and opted for cosmetic surgery instead.

She stated: “I hate when people accuse me of doing that. I take such offense to it because I worked so hard, and it makes me annoyed.”

She stood in a large bedroom of her Gold Coast mansion, which was purchased last summer for almost $3 million.

The location read as “Built Not Bought,” a subtle reference to her consistent body workouts, which she told fans she does 4-5 times per week.

In the recent pics, she promoted her workout app, Tammy Fit, to her Instagram following of more than 12 million announcing three new sessions had just been added to the application.

She also encouraged followers to try out a free trial. Tammy Hembrow wrote in the caption that she was a “strong mama” and works out two or three times per week in the gym and two times per week at home.

She shared: “Whether you have to work out at home or you’re in the gym, I hope you are making use of all the workouts in my app! Link in bio to start your free trial. I’m doing a mix of gym and home workouts from the app at the moment. Gym two to three times per week, home two times per week.”

In a previous interview, Hembrow has spoken about how she has managed to achieve her strong, toned body, and famous perky derrière — attributing it to weight training and warning women who do cardio to build muscle that it will not work effectively.

As well as promoting her fitness program, Tammy Hembrow has also been pushing new items from her fashion brand, Saski Collection, from her home in Australia, where she now lives with her two children, Wolf and Saskia.

Followers, who have tried her app, said it works well for them.


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