Paulina Porizkova Shares Provocative Lingerie Photos That Come With Raw And Intimate Confessions About Her Life

Paulina Porizkova Lingerie Photos Confessions

Paulina Porizkova has shared another lingerie photo to Instagram, this time, accompanying it with a lengthy caption about her thoughts on sex and how men and women think differently.

The 55-year-old model shared a photo wearing the same outfit a week ago, leaning against a stunning vanity desk in a room with dim lighting.

The photo posted this week showed Porizkova looking away from the camera and into a circular mirror, with one leg up behind her as she held on to a dressing table — which her cat, Oskar, was sitting on top of.

In the caption, the Czechoslovakian-born model spoke of her upbringing in Sweden and the “progressive” sex education lessons that she attended at school.

Porizkova told her 327,000 Instagram followers that she could “honestly” say she had “never had sex… to please a man.”

She admitted that people in long-term relationships would often do “favors” for each other, but she attributed this to “love” and said that sex becomes “making love” when a couple has feelings for one another.

She went on to tell her fans that although most women insist on a connection before getting into bed with a man, this is “not a problem” for her, but she does need to trust her partner.

Her recent musings noted that women now have more freedoms and choices than they used to, referencing the birth control pill as an example, but that men still have the upper hand and women get left “with the check.”

Porizkova concluded her post by saying she was genuinely interested in what other women had to say on the topic but warned “gentlemen” to refrain from making “lewd’ comments.”

She wrote in part: “Women feel as much pleasure from sex as men, in fact, I’d argue, more! We can have multiple orgasms, and have sex far longer. It’s true that when one is in love, the sexual act takes on the “making love” aspect. It enriches and brings sex to another level. But what’s wrong with basic sex? After all, you don’t need to every meal to be a gourmet delight. Most of the times you eat to satisfy your body.🍕🌮🍟🌭🍔🌮🥨🍦🍰🍩”

Many people, including a few celebrities, jumped into the comment section to share details about their sex lives.

TV personality Padma Lakshmi decided to open up about the matter with this comment: “I think it depends on your personal sexual history and what you’ve been through. Anything is possible if you have trust and feel personal safety, at least for me. Because while one may not need love to enjoy sex, one needs to feel safe to really let go. And sex is great when you can really let go.”

Another woman shared: “When I was younger, I believed it was more about pleasing a man but now that I am older and am more experienced… it’s all about my pleasure, but I enjoy connection and a great lover…I also know how my body works! You look AMAZING btw!”

The iconic model has been more open in recent weeks after a few rough exchanges with Internet trolls.


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