Kylie Jenner Gets Drunk In Video While Wearing Ugly Makeup, Crazy Hair, And Fights Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner Kylie KUWTK Video

Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner were seen in their Instagram Stories last night getting drunk on tequila and laughing together… to the point where Kylie Jenner “peed her pants.”

Kendall Jenner shared the video of her younger sister to her story on Instagram, with the hashtag #DrunkGetReadyWithMe.

In the video filmed by 25-year-old Kendall, 23-year-old Kylie is heard laughing and saying, “I peed my pants” several times.

The sisters had been drinking tequila from Kendall’s new brand, 818 while applying ugly makeup and then laughing at the finished product.

After seeing herself in the mirror, Kylie Jenner, who had terrible makeup and hideous hair extensions, burst out laughing at her clownish look — a look which was not typical of her usual glamorous standards.

She was wearing purple lipstick, yellow and pink blusher, glittery eyeshadow, and a blonde hair extension.

Kendall Jenner continued filming her sister, who covered her face with one hand and carried on laughing at the sight of her new look.

Kendall also showed Instagram followers her own unique look, with highlighter on her nose, which had not been blended properly, and far too much pink blusher.

The makeup was from Kylie Cosmetics — Kylie Jenner’s famous cosmetics company headquartered in California.

Kendall appeared in a different photo holding a branded mirror that read “Kylie.”

Kendall, who seemed drunk, also played fight, and she appeared to almost kick a girl in one of the videos.

Some fans are upset over the kick.

A person made this remark: “She almost kicked the girl and didn’t say “sorry” just because this dumbass was drunk! And you can clearly hear Kylie yelled at Kendal for that.”

Another commenter shared: “I really hope that the girl in the second video was a close friend or family of theirs and not just someone who works for Kylie because that’s disrespectful.. drunk or not. I would’ve wanted to fight.”

This social media user stated: “I’m talking about Kendall putting her foot that close to the blonde girl’s face. I just think it’s rude. Unless it’s a close friend or family that is used to how she plays around.”

And “Kylie” was not the only Kardashian-Jenner brand the women showed off on their social media yesterday.

Kendall’s recently released tequila brand, 818, also made an appearance. Fans spotted various bottles of the Mexican drink on a table alongside a bowl of lime slices, a bowl of salt, and several glasses.

Kylie and Kendall were seen in a separate clip on the floor together with Kylie’s dog, Kevin, after falling over each other as a result of their hysterical laughing.

They told followers in the caption that they were “filming another YouTube video” and used the hashtag #DrunkGetReadyWithMe to explain their hilarious makeup.


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