Rudy Giuliani’s Daughter, Caroline Giuliani, Reveals Intimate Details Of Threesome With Couple, Weeks After Her Father Lost Donald Trump’s Election Fraud Case

Caroline Giuliani Rudy Daughter Unicorn Couple

Caroline Giuliani has revealed intimate details of her love life in a piece which she penned for Vanity Fair magazine, including her experiences as part of threesomes with couples.

The 32-year-old daughter of Donna Hanover and Rudy Giuliani — a former attorney for Donald Trump during the election fraud case in December — has long been outspoken about her political views and sexuality.

She often disagrees with her father and openly said she would vote for then-candidate Joe Biden.

Describing her sexual experiences as making her a “better person,” Caroline Giuliani wrote about “Oliver and Isabella,” a couple who she met online and then joined for a threesome.

Caroline signed up for Unicorn, a dating site specifically aimed at women who want to be involved in a threesome with couples.

After being attracted to Isabella’s profile, which stated that she wanted to “watch my boyfriend bend you over,” Caroline met up with the woman and her partner, Oliver, in a search for “new dynamics.”

The trio then had a threesome together, which involved Oliver and Caroline having sex while Isabella watched.

She wrote: “I am typically more sexually submissive, but as we were texting (which quickly turned into sexting), I tried on this authoritative sexual persona. I was pleased to discover that, having been submissive myself, finding the language to turn Isabella on came naturally to me.”

She continued: “Many aspects of the encounter were pleasurable and fun, but the most engrossing sensation was feeling Oliver’s palpable love for Isabella … his desire to fulfill her was the deeper motivation for filling me.”

Caroline writes in the magazine piece that she has “known for some time” she was not heterosexual, and after the experience with the couple, she now identifies as pansexual.

Going into detail further about her sexual preferences, Caroline reveals that she is generally “more submissive” in the bedroom but tried out a more dominant style which “came naturally to her.”

Answering questions that may arise in the reader’s mind, Caroline described her experience as “pleasurable and fun,” saying that Oliver’s “desire to fulfill” Isabella’s desires made it more satisfying for her.

Caroline’s father, Rudy Giuliani, became a more controversial figure after being appointed attorney in the high-profile election fraud case by former President Donald Trump following the 2020 US election.

Her brother, Andrew Giuliani, also worked in the former president’s office, while Caroline’s job focuses on mental health and sexuality.

She is a proud liberal.


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