Claudia Conway’s Latest Video With Her Mother, Kellyanne Conway, Offers A Little Glimmer Of Hope For Their Relationship

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Claudia Conway has made the shocking announcement that she is one of the people infected with the coronavirus. She has decided to go to social media for the dramatic revelation.

The teenager also caught the media’s attention by sharing several videos where she is either fighting or shaming her mother, Kellyanne Conway.

The news came not long after the major breakout incident at the White House’s Rose Garden event, which resulted in a number of high-profile officials contracting the disease.

Initially, Claudia had a lighthearted attitude about the situation as she joked with her fans that she was now “dying of covid.”

It is not clear if Kellyanne was planning to announce her own illness or if she was forced to reveal her situation because her daughter shared with the world that she was ill. She came out with a statement saying that she contracted the novel virus.

Some have speculated that Conway might have intended to keep things under wraps and did not want to make her condition public.

The 15-year-old continued to expose her mother by taking to TikTok, where she posted a brief clip during a heated exchange with her.

Kellyanne could be heard screaming at her daughter: “You’ve caused so much disruption. You lied about your f—ing mother. About COVID? About COVID?”

Claudia later started speaking in code, and some believe that she was saying that she was afraid of her mother.

The teen confessed: “Do we all speak gibberish the same way?” Claudia also claimed that Trump is covering up the truth about his illness.

Kellyanne responded by saying: “My daughter, Claudia, is beautiful & brilliant. She has access to top doctors & health care & lives comfortably. Like all of you, she speculates on social media. Yet she’s 15. You are adults. We have COVID, but it’s clear who’s really sick.”

Despite all the fighting between the mother and her daughter, some supporters point to the fact that there is some chemistry in their latest video.

Claudia’s remarks have voters asking how many others around her might also be suffering from the condition and hiding it from the public.

The situation around the White House got more complicated by the hour with the revelations that President Donald Trump, his wife, Melania, their son, Barron, several White House reporters, and members of Congress tested positive for COVID-19.

The virus has proven to be tricky to deal with, especially when it affects people with underlying conditions, including Type-2 diabetes, obesity, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

Needless to say, the developments have been similar to a wild rollercoaster ride for everyone following the situation around these public figures.


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