Halle Berry Posts Photo Where She Risks It All In Revealing Dress As Boyfriend Van Hunt Shares Moving Story About The Actress’ Two Children — Nahla And Maceo

Halle Berry Photo Boyfriend Van Hunt Story Nahla Maceo

Halle Berry shared a snap to Instagram this week, wearing a gold sequined dress for a photo that revealed most of her back.

Posing with her back to the camera and her head turned to face viewers, the 54-year-old actress struck a pose and showed off her toned figure in the stunning dress, which revealed ample side legs and toned thigh.

She confidently captioned the post telling her 6.8 million followers that “mediocre called,” but she “hung up.”

The actress often looks glamorous and enjoys her friend and fashion stylist Lindsay Flores‘s styling skills.

Earlier this week, she appeared with Halle Berry on their regular Instagram podcast, Bad & Booshy, where Halle introduced herself as “Bad” and Lindsay Flores as “Booshy.”

They answered questions from women about whether having a male best friend is possible when in a relationship.

Halle Berry, who has been dating musician Van Hunt since last summer, said that both she and Lindsay have male best friends, and it has never been a problem for them.

They also spoke about how to spot fake friends, with Halle saying that she is always willing to give someone a chance and see the good in people, joking that it could explain why she has had three divorces.

The former Bond girl shares a 13-year-old daughter with her ex-boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, and a 7-year-old son with ex-husband Olivier Martinez.

In a new interview with Entertainment Tonight, Van Hunt talked about Halle Berry’s special routine with her two children — Nahla And Maceo.

The musician confessed: “Their family has this ritual where, and I don’t think she would mind me saying it, they get together and have just a small acknowledgment of the day and so they, you know, they immersed me into that and welcomed me into that, and it was just beautiful. It was just thoughtful and considerate and sweet, and that’s really the kind of person that she is, so it was beautiful.”

He added: “The inspiration for our relationship goes across everything, even in my parenting. I’m a completely different person, I can say it like that, and I think that it’s improved every aspect of my life.”

On this week’s podcast, she spoke about how she might join social media platform TikTok after her daughter, Nahla Ariel, “worked hard on [her].”

She said she wants to stay connected to her children’s world, but a TikTok account would be another thing for her to manage.

Despite that, Halle said she still might join — but needs to find a way that “makes sense to her.”


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