Ariana Grande Is Flooded With Harsh Comments For Posting These Photos

Ariana Grande Hiking France Dalton Gomez Photos

Diva Ariana Grande rarely posts on Instagram, so it is not surprising that it rapidly goes viral whenever she drops a photo.

This week, the singer and songwriter took to social media, and she delighted her millions of followers with a few pictures taken while on a little hike.

In the picture that was taken in France, Ariana Grade shocked her fans with her attire — she was wearing a pair of jeans and a sexy crop top.

The petite entertainer completed the look with white sneakers. And despite being in a forest, she opted to wear a facial mask.

Grande, who was standing next to a little river, lifted her arms in the air as a sign that she was happy to be in the midst of nature.

The 27-year-old powerhouse did not use any caption for the post. Many of Ariana Grande’s 229 million followers rushed in the comment section to say that she exudes happiness.

A few others joked about fainting away if they saw Ariana Grande in the woods during their weekly hikes.

One true fan explained: “If I saw Ariana grande in the woods, I would probably cry and accidentally fall off the mountain.”

However, others made rude remarks and body-shamed her for being too skinny and for looking “underweight.”

A critic had this to say on Grande’s physique: “She is becoming too skinny day by day. 😮”

Another naysayer penned this comment about the star’s petite stature: “Is anyone gonna say something about how skinny she is.”

A social media user made this wild accusation: “Do you guys really think it is cute? She’s clearly promoting toxic body images to young girls. Not to be rude but you need some more food.”

The Grammy winner’s supporters did not leave the comments to slide by. Several of them defended Miss Grande.

One positive statement read: “People making comments on her body- she’s also quite petite so… maybe she’s just right for her height.. and either way, it’s best to stop saying things to marginalize others.”

Another uplifting note said: “Happiness looks so good on you! I’m so happy and emotional to see you happy and loved again! Heaven sent you to us and I’m so thankful to have you as my idol! You mean the world to me! I love you so so sooooo much.🤍”

The Voice coach seemed unbothered by the chaos in the comment section. She has returned to Instagram, where she shared a few sweet photos with her fiancé, Dalton Gomez.

Ariana Grande dropped three photos where she is hugging and kissing her fiancé under the moonlight.


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