Kate Moss’s Younger Sister, Lottie Moss, Gets Cozy With ‘Fiancée’ Sahara Ray In Leaked Photos After Making Confusing Announcement

Lottie Moss Engaged Sahara Ray

Lottie Moss sure knows how to grab attention. This week, the gorgeous influencer was seen jewelry shopping in California, and she was not alone.

Kate Moss‘s younger sister was accompanied by her best friend, Sahara Ray. Ray and Moss, who have posted multiple photos where they were kissing, were pictured coming out of the jewelry store with a bag.

The 23-year-old model and her “wife” were later seen hugging and sharing a tender moment. Lottie Moss interrupted her shopping spree to pose with fans and to sign autographs.

Kate Moss’s younger sibling later surprised fans by announcing that she is engaged to the sexy model.

Lottie Moss Engaged To BFF Sahara Ray Photo

Resharing a photo of herself and Sahara Ray, 28, looking in the jewelry shop window in Beverly Hills, Lottie Moss said that they had been “waiting to tell u guys” about their engagement.

Lottie Moss Engaged To BFF Sahara Ray

She wrote on social media: “We’ve been waiting to tell u guys, but me and Sahara are engaged.”

Lottie, who recently revealed that she is pansexual, said this about her preferences: “Well, I’m pansexual, so I don’t really mind any gender. It kind of changes every day and depends who I meet.”

However, fans were quick to point out that the news might be a prank since it was April Fool’s Day. Others are confused by the announcement because the ladies are always kissing and touching each other.

Lottie Moss has been living with Sahara Ray in Los Angeles. The pair is often seen in social media photos and videos together, including a clip of them wearing sexy lingerie and kissing, which was shared last week.

Sahara is also seen on Lottie’s Glow account, where users pay $20 per month to subscribe and additional fees of at least $70 to unlock premium content.

Lottie Moss Engaged To BFF Sahara Ray Photo Kissing

Lottie Moss recently took a selfie video wearing a hot pink bikini on Sunday while enjoying an evening out with her friends in Los Angeles.

Lottie has faced backlash in recent weeks for her decision to sell raunchy content on Glow, an adult-only platform used by sex workers and others who want to sell erotic photos and videos.

However, she has hit back and told her fans she is “happy,” and this weekend was seen on her Instagram Stories looking glamorous in the sunshine as she joined friends for dinner at a bar in Los Angeles.

Sporting a pink bikini with a cutout section that showed off her toned tummy, Lottie Moss held her blonde hair with one hand and pouted in the selfie video, which was shared with her 337,000 Instagram followers.

The half-sister of supermodel Kate Moss wore a pair of gold earrings and makeup, including pink lipstick for the evening.


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