George Clooney Reveals Which Past Role Is A Disaster For His Marriage To Amal Clooney

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George Clooney said this week that his wife, Amal Clooney, has been watching his former hit show, ER, which has been a “disaster” for their marriage.

The 59-year-old actor said during a reunion show of the TV drama ER — which aired its final season 11 years ago — saying that his wife had been watching back the seasons and paying particular attention to her husband’s character, Dr. Doug Ross.

George Clooney joked that Amal disapproved of his character on the show and repeatedly questioned when he would ever settle down.

Dr. Ross was in an on-off relationship with a nurse, Carol Hathaway, played by Julianna Marguiles.

Joining his former co-stars this week for a reunion on Stars in the House, George Clooney said Amal had been asking him if Season 3 of the show was the point when his character finally settles down with Nurse Hathaway.

Clooney said he had “forgot all” of the terrible things he had done while in character as Dr. Ross, and joked that reliving the scenes had been a “very very disastrous thing” for him.

He explained: “This has been a very, very disastrous thing for me because I forgot all of the terrible things I’d done as Dr. Ross! My wife keeps going, ‘Is that it? Are you done? Season 3 – do you finally settle down with Nurse Hathaway? It’s been a disaster for my marriage.”

Former co-stars Julianna Marguiles, Alex Kingston, Ming-Na Wen, C. C. H. Pounder, Laura Innes, and Goran Visnjic also joined George Clooney this week and gave their insights into how they think a reunion of the show would go down.

While Ming-Na Wen, who played Jing-Mei Chen on the show, said she would “love” it if the show were to return just so she could spend time with her co-stars again.

However, both Clooney and Marguiles believe that the bar was set very high during the original show.

George Clooney said it was “such great television” and admitted it might be impossible to do it again “at the [same] level.”

Clooney went on to say: “When you look at the show, it’d be hard to say that we could do it [again] at the level that we did it. Because boy, I’ve actually been watching it a bit because my wife’s been watching it, which is very odd, and I have to say, it’s such great television.”

Fans loved the reunion and are hopeful about a potential reboot.


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