Jennifer Lopez Bares Her Beach Body In New Video And Makes This Confession About Her Reunion With Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez Ben Affleck New Video

Jennifer Lopez has unveiled the sexy music video for her latest song entitled “Cambia El Paso” with Rauw Alejandro, where she left little to the imagination.

Days after a romantic vacation in The Hamptons with boyfriend Ben Affleck, Lopez made jaws drop with a steamy visual where she showed off her spectacular figure, dancing, and acting skills.

The clip opens with Lopez leaving a nightclub wearing a barely-there outfit composed of rhinestone-coated bikini top from Italian designer Dolce & Gabbana and a pair of cutoff denim shorts that exposed her famous booty.

Lopez, who seems to be feeling the summer heat, completed the look with an oversized jean jacket, which she left wide open in order to flaunt her killer abs.

In the clip, an angry and semi-drunk Lopez storms out of the nightclub after having a heated argument with her boyfriend and stumbles on a sandy beach.

The actress showed what she is made of by rolling in the sand, doing the split, and touching herself as she sings the provocative lyrics.

While in the water, Lopez strips to unveil a sexy rhinestone-covered bikini. Lopez spoke about the infectious tune that was inspired by her public split from Alex Rodriguez.

She revealed: “It’s full of symbolism about a dark one-sided relationship and the realization that you can’t change anyone else… you can only change yourself!!! Grow your own wings and walk away from anyone or anything that doesn’t truly value all you have to offer.”

She went on to say: “It is about change, and it is about taking a step. And it’s like, at once, I just advance, just take one step. It doesn’t matter. Right. Left. Whatever. Take a step. When things don’t feel right. When you need to change, “Cambia El Paso,” that’s it. That’s all you have to do. And for me, it resonated, it resonated right now. So it was a great thing. Plus, I also look at when it says dance, dance, dance, dance.”

In the same interview, Lopez said she is living the best time of her life with Ben Affleck and added: “I’m super happy. I know people are always wondering. How are you? What’s going on? Are you okay? This is it. I’ve never been better,’ said Jennifer. And I think once you get to that place, then amazing things happen to you that you never imagine in your life happening again. And so that is where I’m at. And I love all the love that’s coming my way right now and all of the good wishes. And I just want everybody to know that it’s the best time. It’s the best time of my life.”

The diva is said to be getting ready to move in with Affleck and is seriously thinking about marriage.


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