Christina Aguilera Puts Her Fierce Body On Display In Sensational Killer Catsuit Video

Christina Aguilera Birthday Video Catsuit

Christina Aguilera has just turned 40 recently, and she has a fierce attitude to reflect that.

The legendary singer and songwriter has been very active in communicating with her fans via Instagram.

She has made it clear that more than ever, she will display a youthful behavior, flaunt her impressive figure whenever she likes.

The diva did just that by sharing a sexy video of herself strutting and sashaying down a hallway in a figure-hugging black-and-gold catsuit that put her fantastic butt on full display.

She also posted a picture with her two middle fingers up to show a four and a 0 on her manicured nails. Many of her followers said that her body looks sensational.

Other people, who commented on her posts, have continued to say what an inspiration she has been for them through the year.

Christina Aguilera shared a powerful message explaining that she was savoring the experience of “arriving” at the age of 40 instead of looking at it as just another year ticking by.

She added that she was grateful for many things in her life, and she appreciated everything that has happened to her, especially the most beautiful moments she had gone through.

She wrote: “Dear 40. What a beautiful concept… To not only be ‘turning’ 40, but to be ARRIVING at 40! I am forever an old soul, and I appreciate the wisdom, grace, and beauty that comes with each new year of life.”

The music star also talked about the situation over the last year, pointing out how weird it has been for everyone, and remarked that the whole world has been turned upside down — but despite that, she has not lost her hope for the future.

She added: “We have to be brave; we have to stand in the discomfort and push ourselves to new heights where we can find our greater purposes. I have always faced my life challenges head-on, and what I have learned from doing that for 40 years is that I always come out on the other side as a stronger and wiser person.”

She concluded by: “To the rare and beautiful souls who have stood by me for over 20 years and counting, I am eternally grateful for you. I am blessed to have the most solid friends around me, a team I believe in that makes me feel supported and heard, and of course, my family, my baby boy, and girl, the most incredible children one could ever imagine! My heart is full. So, 40, let’s f**king do this. You have no idea what I have planned for you, and I hope you’re ready.”

The numerous positive comments flowing from her sizzling post have been a good indicator of Aguilera’s popularity as she continues to amaze her fans with her talent and beauty.


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