Bill Clinton Caught Checking Ariana Grande’s Derriere At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral — Was It Her Black Dress?

Ariana Grande Bill Clinton Aretha Franklin Funeral

Bill Clinton is grabbing headlines again for his wandering eyes. Ariana Grande performed at Aretha Franklin‘s funeral service in Detroit on Friday wearing a little black dress and the former president really enjoyed the showing.

The popular singer did great but probably got more attention than she had bargained for. First, the 25-year-old diva from Florida was groped by Bishop Charles H. Ellis III who was forced to apologize for his behavior.

Secondly, she later found out that Clinton could not take her eyes off of her as she was singing Franklin’s hit song “A Natural Woman” in front of him. In pictures from the gathering, it is clear that Hillary Clinton‘s controversial husband is looking at the “God is a woman” artist’s derrière.

Although he tried to be discreet, Clinton still got caught on camera gawking and checking the young singing sensation. For a politician who spent a big part of his career battling sexual misconduct scandals, it was probably not the wisest move.

Social media and cable news networks like Fox did not miss the opportunity to remind Mr. Clinton that in the #MeToo era behaving this way is not acceptable.

Thirdly, her dress sparked a lot of reactions online. Some called it “tiny,” others find it was “skimpy” and not appropriate for the funeral of someone like the Queen of Soul Music.

The obvious slut-shaming did not sit well with feminists who called out the critics for being stuck in the past when women had less freedom. Moreover, Grande’s dress is not a justification for Ellis and Clinton’s actions.

The two men were labeled as “gross” and “perverts” by Grande’s numerous followers.

Naysayers argue that they are not trying to hold women back and the same could have been said if a man had decided to wear a tight shirt or saggy pants.

The fiancée of Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson has opted to ignore the three controversies and is instead focused on promoting her new album Sweetener that was received and is doing well on the charts.


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