Melania Trump Is Sad That The Donald Did Not Reach Out To John McCain’s Family: Report

Melania Trump Donald John McCain

“Maverick” and POW John McCain made his final trip to the nation’s capital Saturday.

The funeral for the late Arizona GOP senator took place at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. and the current U.S. president, Donald Trump, a Republican, was not invited.

The reasons are simple, Mr. Trump often went out of his way to insult and belittle the accomplishments of McCain who served America with honor and dignity both as a politician and military officer.

It is claimed that First Lady Melania Trump is frustrated by the way her husband opted to handle the passing of the 2008 presidential candidate.

While Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush delivered powerful and emotional eulogies, Trump was miles away at a golf course.

Before his golfing trip, he started a trade war with Canada. According to reports, the former model attempted to have Mr. Trump write a more personal and thoughtful tribute to McCain, but she failed.

A source told Hollywood Life, the mother of one is fed up with her spouse’s petty behavior.

The publication reported: “Donald’s pettiness and ability to hold a longtime grudge could be the characteristics Melania dislikes the most about him. Donald believes they make him look strong because he never wavers and always holds firm in his opinion, but she believes the exact opposite and thinks the way he handled the John McCain situation is the perfect example.”

It is being claimed that Melania was hoping that the business mogul did make a move to reach out to the McCain family during this challenging period.

The entertainment website claimed: “Melania thinks that Donald should have swallowed his pride and acted in a much more gracious manner following John’s death, but that’s not something Donald will ever do. It’s crazy because what he sees as being strong, she sees as being petty and insecure.”

The insider concluded by: “Melania knows that Donald would be perceived in a much better light if he was willing to admit to his mistakes occasionally. She thinks he handled the McCain situation appallingly, and his reaction showed him to be petty and insecure.”

Experts say it is near impossible for the leader of the free world to be handled.


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