Texas Male Doctor Gets Slammed For Saying Female Physicians ‘Do Not Work As Hard’

Gary Tigges Pay Gap Remarks Plano

After causing an uproar, Gary Tigges, a doctor from Texas, has been forced to release a lengthy apology to his female colleagues for remarks about the pay gap in his field.

Tigges is an internal medicine doctor at Plano Internal Medicine Associates, and recently he was asked by the Dallas Medical Journal to share his thoughts on the fact that female physicians’ salaries are often significantly lower compared to their male counterparts.

The physician did not hold back and shared an insensitive response where he bashed female health experts by saying it is their fault they earn less money because they opt to work less.

According to Dr. Tigges, his female colleagues prefer to socialize or have a family instead of focusing on and caring for more patients.

The post quickly went viral, and Tigges was slammed by a long list of female doctors from all over the country.

Tigges spoke to the Dallas Morning Journal and said he was not aware that his eye-popping response would be published online. He also said the note he wrote was misinterpreted.

Below is his apology:

He claimed that he has been lectured by his co-workers who were offended by his message and added: “I have heard from several trusted female physician colleagues who disagree with and are deeply hurt and offended by the comments I made to the Dallas Medical Journal regarding pay equity among female and male physicians. I want to thank them for reaching out to me and sharing their concerns. I now understand more clearly how complicated this issue is and that there are ways we can work together to resolve these disparities. I have worked closely with numerous female physicians for nearly three decades and have witnessed nothing but compassion, diligence, and professionalism.”

His mea culpa concluded by: “I sincerely apologize to all female physicians for my comments and the pain they have caused. I also need to apologize to my partners and the staff at Plano Internal Medicine Associates, where we have an open and supportive work environment and where we do not tolerate discrimination based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion.

Gary Tigges, MD.”

The Dallas Medical Journal explained to all of those participating that their responses would be made public.


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