Heidi Klum Opens Her Jacket To Show She Has Nothing Underneath In Dreamy Photo

Heidi Klum Halloween Plans Revealed America's Got Talent

It is beginning to look like winter for model Heidi Klum who has decided to wear no clothes at all under her jacket in her latest breathtaking photo.

The TV host and businesswoman took to social media, where she shared a daring picture to flaunt her perfectly toned body and flawless skin.

Klum, who was dreaming of having fun in the snow, wore a pair of killer black thigh-high boots by Monika Chiang that sells for $1,275. She opted for a very bright yellow Moschino jacket that is available for $2,030.

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She left the jacket open to show that she had nothing underneath. Along with the stylish boots and puffer jacket, Klum wore no pants, no underwear, and no shirt.

The blonde bombshell covered her face with a hat that featured her husband, Tom Kaulitz’s last name.

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Her caption for the steamy picture read: “Dreaming of Winter.” The model recently dashed the dreams or nightmares of Halloween lovers all over the world.

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DURCH 🖤 DEN 💜 MONSUN ❤️ 2020 💚

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The America’s Got Talent judge, who became the celebrity queen of Halloween after putting together amazing and creative costumes for more than two decades, was forced to cancel the event this year because of the coronavirus.

Scammers are taking advantage of the situation and have been trying to rip people off via fake websites.

Klum’s rep issued a statement explaining that the tickets being offered are fake “as Heidi will not be hosting an event this year due to the pandemic.” Fans of the fashion queen can catch her on her new show, Making the Cut.

She revealed why she is proud of the reality series: “For me, having the clothes sold, that was always the missing link. Doing ‘Project Runway’ for so many years and loving this show, and it was the same thing. I went around trying to sell that show, and they would say, ‘Why would we want to watch designers sew?’ And it was a very different animal. Like here, we’re trying to make an actual brand. Someone who is not only an artist and who’s super creative but someone who can also have this business brain and make a real business out of this and hopefully be loved by people around the world. That really is what the goal here was for Making the Cut.”

Klum has dominated the fashion world for decades, and she has become over the years one of the faces of Halloween.


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