Video Producer Rudi Dolezal Claims He Believes Michael Jackson Accusations From ‘Leaving Neverland’

Michael Jackson Rudi Dolezal Leaving Neverland

The release of Leaving Neverland generated a lot of controversies and heated debate, and it does not look like this is anywhere close to being over at this point.

Many have spoken out against the film, while others have decided to consider both sides of the coin equally.

Observers have also seen statements from people who were close to Michael Jackson during his life, the latest coming from video producer Rudi Dolezal.

Dolezal has worked with Jackson on multiple occasions during his career.

According to him, the allegations brought up in Leaving Neverland could indeed be true, and he does not find it hard to assume that from his point of view.

He added that he also understood the perspective of Jackson’s alleged victims, and why they wanted to keep the situation under wraps initially.

The video producer reportedly went as far as to describe the film as “brilliant work.”

He explained: “I believe almost every word. It’s a brilliant work. Nobody would stop Michael. It’s hard to believe that an icon is a con. He put the 4-year-old on a hot stovetop barefoot. The way he told it, he was not regretting it. I felt sorry for Michael. If this destroys the Michael Jackson legend, the person responsible is Michael Jackson — no one else.”

He seems to believe that the only reason Jackson’s accusers did not speak up sooner was that they were afraid for their safety.

The singer had a very active fan base during his career, and in Dolezal’s opinion, this was an intimidating factor that served to detract from any accusations.

The producer’s comments have drawn some criticism towards his personality.

Some have pointed out that he has no place commenting on a story that he was not directly attached to, and that he is merely attempting to exploit his former professional relationship with Jackson to boost his popularity.

Some are also speculating that the producer’s career might have slowed down recently for him to come out with statements like that.

Dolezal is writing a book about Freddy Mercury titled My Friend Freddie. He had worked with Queen on several occasions.


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