Chris Morgan, Bagel Boss Angry Customer In Viral Video, Says He Is Now Getting Offers From Women After Saying They Rejected Him For Being Short

Chris Morgan Bagel Boss Video

A video that recently went viral has put a man named Chris Morgan at a Long Island bagel store under the spotlight in a very negative way, drawing a lot of humorous attention to him.

The man can be seen berating employees and customers at a Bagel Boss, claiming that women were continually giving him trouble for being short.

However, when asked why he was angry at the people in the store — who had said nothing of the sort — he became even more violent.

At one point, the man even provokes another customer into attacking him, only to then complain about being attacked.

Reports on social media indicate that the store’s manager has decided to use the story in a fun way, offering a free mini bagel to anyone who mentions the video at the store.

On another, more disturbing note, social media commenters have managed to track down the man’s social profiles, uncovering a series of frightening videos that imply that he has a serious underlying problem.

In one video, a man — allegedly identified as the one from Bagel Boss — purposefully strands a woman on the road because she refused to have sex with him.

The man himself initially resisted commenting on the recent situation in any way. That posture did not last very long.

He told the Daily Mail: “I got to the point where I’d had enough. The girls hate me; they don’t like me, that’s fine,’ he added. Now I have a mission. I’m not stopping, and the world is going to hear me. I want equality for everybody.”

He added: “I’m sick of getting constantly lied to and used on dates. And then they dump me. They tell me I’m too short. They don’t have a job, or a job as good as mine. They don’t have a car. They are more overweight… and they are judging ME? Whatever happened to the love of the 60s?’ he asked. ‘When people loved each other for themselves?”

He also revealed: “I’m just not tolerating this anymore. Some of those girls found it funny. That’s why I have resentment towards women. I find them all to be stupid, gold-digging liars.”

In a separate interview with the New York Post, he said, he is getting more attention, especially with the ladies.

He stated: “They just invited me over for a free bagel. My phone is blowing up like the president. I haven’t even got to my friends.”

Morgan has videos on YouTube where he can be seen in perplexing situations making racist and sexist comments.

The Bagel Boss video has been growing increasingly more and more popular after it surfaced, but it looks like it might not be too difficult for him to get a bagel in the near future.

Or a date, for that matter — as his identity becomes more public, it will quickly draw a lot of attention to him. He seems to be enjoying the ride.


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