Jeffrey Epstein’s Autopsy Reveals Broken Bones In The Neck More Often Associated With Strangulation Than Hanging And Suicide

Jeffrey Epstein Broken Bones Neck Strangulation

According to sources reportedly close to the case of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide, there are some mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident, and some of them have been very difficult to explain and have birthed a deluge of conspiracy theories that are being pushed by people in high places including President Donald Trump.

For example, it has been confirmed by the Washington Post that Epstein’s autopsy showed that he suffered broken bones.

One source also revealed that they are conducting further tests to know if he had any unusual substance in his body. The person, who spoke to the media outlet, has not shared the results of the toxicology screening.

It has also been revealed that the disgraced financier also suffered a hyoid bone fracture.

Jonathan L. Arden, president of the National Association of Medical Examiners, further opened the door to question the circumstances surrounding the death of the accused pedophile by explaining that while a hyoid can be broken in many situations, it is more “commonly associated with homicidal strangulation than suicidal hanging.”

Arden, who did not conduct Epstein’s autopsy, stated: “If hypothetically, the hyoid bone is broken, that would generally raise questions about strangulation, but it is not definitive and does not exclude suicidal hanging.”

Other surprising information includes the fact that officials at the Metropolitan Correctional Center who were supposed to watch the high-profile suspect fell asleep and failed to monitor him properly. They later falsified documents to cover their missteps.

It has also been confirmed that despite the presence of multiple cameras in the wing where Epstein allegedly took his own life, none of them managed to capture the incident on video.

Moreover, there is currently no footage showing exactly what took place in the cell moments before the death of the multimillionaire.

More and more questions surrounding Epstein’s death have started to float up to the surface, and authorities have clamped down and refused to share any information at this point.

Some people have pointed out that the story as a whole seems odd, with many details being suspiciously out of place.

While many expected that Epstein would attempt to commit suicide after a previous failed attempt, it does not seem like the circumstances around his death match the expectations of most.

Quite on the contrary, various details do not seem to add up, and there have been numerous calls for additional investigation into what has happened coming from Republicans and Democrats. Many of the alleged victims are also crying to get answers.

However, the case is firmly locked down by authorities, who have refused to share anything more about it with the public, pushing anonymous sources to break their silence and giving way to more theories.

This seems to have only added to the aggravation of some, as many are now treating the whole incident as a cover-up by powerful men who are eager to make sure that their disgusting secrets die in the grave with Epstein.

The silence people have faced on multiple fronts certainly does not help either, and it will likely take a while for the truth to come out at this point, given the sensitive nature of the overall situation.


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