Delayed Delta Flight At JFK Airport Leads To Epic Brawl In Viral Videos

JFK Airport Delta Airlines Fights Delayed Flight

A flight to Miami from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York City was reportedly delayed for several hours resulting in an altercation between a handful passengers on board who had grown exhausted and frustrated with the situation.

The plane was reportedly forced to sit on the tarmac for eight hours due to a delay in scheduling, leading to a group of extremely frustrated passengers to take part in a war of words.

In the end, things got so heated that a fight broke out, with various people joining in and hitting each other.

Some passengers were arguing, but many decided to take matters into their own hands — in the most physical sense possible — and started throwing punches around. And the police was called to break up the brawl.

Many people expressed their frustration with the way Delta Airlines had handled the situation.

Some travelers, who spoke to the media, pointed out that delays were understandable, but the attitude displayed by Delta’s employees during the ordeal was far from acceptable.

It seems that these same people are blaming Delta for indirectly causing the incident by allowing the situation to deteriorate to the point where some were physically assaulted.

Juan Andres Ahmad, who was on Delta Flight 2385, wrote on Twitter: “This has gotten out of control — people are fighting each other, and it’s gotten both verbal and physical. Police are on the plane! Complete chaos!”

Passenger Amy Riley revealed that she and her family had refused to leave the plane because they were uncertain if they would be allowed back on.

She explained: “We were allowed to leave, without checked bags (bags they made you check) and no idea as to when you can rebook. As a party of 5, that idea was not appealing.”

The airline did issue a statement but did not offer any apology for the incident. The company simply pointed out that weather incidents can sometimes prevent an airplane from taking off for a very long period of time, and this was nothing new in the world of flying.

The brief statement read: “I understand weather delays, and we all want to be safe, but this is not about weather but about how Delta has handled it.”

The Delta spokesperson went on to say that “during hot and humid conditions, it’s not uncommon to see brief periods of condensation fog in the cabin.”

However, that explanation seems to have angered people even more, as some saw it as a condescending attempt to evade any responsibility for what had happened on the airplane in the first place.


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