Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Want To Live In Malibu — British Taxpayers Might Not Support This Move Even If She Is ‘Homesick’?

Meghan Markle Prince Harry Moving To The U.S.

It looks like Meghan Markle is not all too fond of living in the UK, at least not permanently.

Recent reports indicate that she and Prince Harry have been looking for a property in Malibu, California, and may even be neighbors with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kim Kardashian.

It is still not clear if they have finalized their decision about which property they want to buy, but they are quite serious about the idea of moving to the US for some time.

A cafe owner in Los Angeles named Edmund Fry, who taught Markle royal etiquette, told The Daily Express: “Meghan and Harry are looking for a place out here. I have heard that they are interested in Malibu. Knowing Meghan and talking to her, she misses home. Meghan is a Los Angeles girl, born and raised here with many links to Hollywood and friends here.”

How will this all play out with regards to Markle’s family obligations?

The Queen and the rest of the royal family will likely not be too supportive of the idea of being separated from the royal baby Archie for too long, while on the other hand, it clearly would not be appropriate for Markle to leave the child in the UK either.

It is possible that the house may be used as a vacation home of sorts, allowing Markle to retreat from the hustle and bustle of her life with the royal family in the UK.

At the same time, this could also contribute to the already noticeable divide between her and the rest of the family.

It is evident that the Queen has some reservations about Markle and her influence on the royal family, and there have been various rumors indicating that things between the two might not be entirely well.

Supporters have not seen any actual official reports confirming that so far, though.

Moreover, royal expert Russell Myers told ITV: “This is what some people are saying, that she’s homesick, we know she fiercely proud of her American roots. There are some rumors that some of her business associates have been looking for a place in California, in the sort of millionaire playground of Malibu, wouldn’t that be nice?”

He added: “Obviously it comes with its own complications too, who will pay for it. Who will be the security aspect of it too? So watch this space.”

One thing is certain, British taxpayers will not embrace a move that they might have to pay for.


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