R. Kelly Faces New Charges Of Sexually Abusing Teenage Girl As Some Wonder If It Is Time For Him To Take A Plea Deal

R. Kelly Faces New Allegation From Minor

It seems that the list of R. Kelly‘s alleged sexual abuse victims may never end, as it was reported that another witness came forward and accused the disgraced R&B mogul of having sex with her when she was still a minor.

The new court documents regarding the newest allegations were filed on Friday in Chicago, and according to the new accuser, who is named “Minor 6” in the official reports, she was abused by the 53-year-old singer for about 4 years back in the 90s.

The unnamed victim supposedly met the celebrity around the age of 15 back in 1998, and the two of them allegedly participated in sexual activities, even though she was underage.

Following the appearance of the new accuser, the indictment against Kelly was updated, and according to the new version, Kelly may lose all assets from his production company, Bass Productions Lt.

Besides the latest allegations of sexual misconduct, the “I Believe I Can Fly” artist has to fight back the original 13-count indictment that was filed in July 2019.

Back then, the controversial musician was taken into custody because he was accused of having intercourse with minors on multiple occasions.

Besides, it was stated that Kelly had also made video clips of his intimate moments with the underage girls and that he bribed some of the witnesses in his past trial, so they keep quiet about his deeds.

For the time being, it was reported that there are currently five accusers involved in this ongoing case against Kelly, with “Minor 6” being the newest addition to the group. However, Minor 5 is no longer featured on the list of victims.

Kelly is expected to go on trial for some of the sexual allegations in Chicago later this year. The R&B crooner is set to also face charges in New York and Minnesota.

Former federal prosecutor Jeffrey Cramer told The Chicago Sun-Times: “The presentation of the evidence seems to have been tweaked a little bit, but the overall construction of the case remains the same.”

Commenters think that the situation is getting complicated for Kelly, and he may find himself in a lot of trouble down the road.

One person claimed: “Damn man, just plead guilty and get this sh*t over with cause u ain’t coming home fam.”

A more nuanced voice chimed in: “Straight up, I had to count back on my fingers, that was over 2 decades ago, 2✌!! Where ole girl been at? She’s probably a married mother by now!! Come on the court system, 🙄!!”

A Kelly backer added: “Y’all can’t be serious, what’s the statute of limitations on this sh8t🤬y’all find a new charge every day, but y’all ain’t find all these charges for Jared the subway guy, or that nigga from 7th Heaven,or…you know what, never mind. Y’all worse than these parents that were LETTING THEIR CHILDREN BE “WITH OR AROUND” him always taking the black ppl down, go get Harvey Weinstein or Trump that was grabbing 😻 everywhere✊🏻.”

Kelly’s girlfriends, Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage, have taken different approaches to his situation.

Clary is now calling herself a victim and Savage is still defending the R&B crooner.


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