50 Cent Goes After R. Kelly With This Mean Comment — Did He Go Too Far?

R. Kelly 50 Cent Joke Behind Bars

Even though 50 Cent is notorious for his trolling of other people on social media, it appears that nobody can predict who his next target is going to be or when he will strike.

However, it seems that the rapper has been amused by the recent news of R. Kelly‘s fears of being infected with COVID-19 while in jail.

The “In da Club” MC shared a new joke regarding the controversial R&B legend’s concerns and his ongoing legal troubles of sexual abuse.

As a result, the lyricist, whose real name is Curtis James Jackson III, posted a photograph of the “I Believe I Can Fly” musician with a fake news caption that stated, “BREAKING: R. Kelly has tested positive for SHEWASNT-19”.

In addition, 50 captioned his post with the comment, “Damn boy, if it wasn’t for bad luck, you wouldn’t have luck. LOL”.

The joke of the rapper is a reference to the current allegations against Kelly, as for the time being, the 53-year-old singer is behind bars and awaiting his federal trials.

The musician was taken into custody in July last year due to numerous charges of sexually abusing minors, obstruction of justice, and child pornography.

However, the singer and songwriter has recently pleaded to the court that he should be released from prison because he was in the group of people who were most at risk for contracting the spreading coronavirus.

In the motion to the court, Kelly’s legal team explained that their client’s advanced age and existing health issues made him more vulnerable against the COVID-19, and therefore confinement in prison was not a safe option for him.

A judge denied Kelly’s request to be released. Many women have taken to social media to voice their relief that the artist will remain behind bars.

One Instagrammer shared her strong opinion by saying: “Double no. Stay in there and get a sense every day of what those kidnapped girls felt when they heard your menacing child-raping footsteps walking down the hallway. Hear coronavirus coming for you. Shhhh, listen….”

Another commenter brought up Harvey Weinstein into the conversation: “If he gets out, he is a high risk to society, and if he is let out, he might take the opportunity to do a runner and disappear. Best, he stays in jail and in isolation with other healthy prisoners (tbh I don’t want him dead from coronavirus, he needs to be alive for trial and serve his jail term full)This guy… he should share a cell with Weinstein. They are a perfect match. 👏”

50 Cent has found an easy target in Mr. Kelly.


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