Elizabeth Hurley Looks Like A Teenager In Sexy Bikini Photo Confirming She Is In A League With Jennifer Lopez And Jennifer Aniston

Elizabeth Hurley Looking At Single Life

Elizabeth Hurley made headlines recently, as the 54-year-old actress updated her Instagram page with a new stunning bikini photograph that put her stunning assets on display.

In the picture, the age-defying celebrity sizzled as she promoted a sexy bikini from her own swimsuit fashion collection, and she appeared to be lying on a beach and smiling at the camera.

However, it was the caption of the photograph that drew the most attention, as the bombshell titled her revealing snap with the statement that she really wanted to be “madly in love with someone.”

This is not the first time that Hurley brings up the topic of being single, as in her last interview with Hello!, she opened up about her private life.

According to The Royals star, any plans she had in the past about potential new acquaintances were shattered with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic crisis and the imposed measures of social distancing.

Back then, Hurley remarked, “I’d love to fall madly in love with someone before stating that when the health crisis was over, she’d make an effort to meet someone new. I’d love to fall madly in love with someone, which certainly won’t happen whilst I’m locked down with blood relatives. Maybe when it’s over, I’ll put my headlamps on full beam and make an effort.”

Previously, the stunning star had explained that she was spending the period of self-isolation in her home in Herefordshire in the company of her son and seven other people, including her elderly mother and aunt.

The actress took to Instagram to share how she was dealing with social distancing, as on the eleventh day of the lockdown, she posted a lengthy message about her current situation.

A fan, who compared her with Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Aniston, had the following to say on the photo: “How is this woman 50 something and still looks this good? Better than Aniston and Lopez IMO.”

Another backer responded by: “I know she looks natural, too, but I’ve never seen her without makeup. JLO & Aniston too, but I hope it’s just makeup & fitness no Botox or fillers. 🤷🏽‍♀️”

A third message read: “You’ve still the body of an 18 years old girl. 🔥Wow, pure beauty at its best ❤️😘🤗 Still smoking hot what a woman. How can you do this to people!!! In quarantined??? I´m going nuts here!!!”

Hurley is only getting better with age.


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