Don Lemon Goes After President Donald Trump, Takes A Shot At Melania For His Obsession With ‘Educated And Handsome’ Barack Obama

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Don Lemon is not a fan of President Donald Trump, and he uses his platform on CNN to make it known.

Over the weekend, the anchor decided to seriously anger Trump by not only bashing him but by comparing him to former President Barack Obama.

Lemon also took a few shots at First Lady Melania Trump by saying that she is not as educated and accomplished as former first lady Michelle Obama.

Lemon asked Trump why is he still obsessed with former President Obama?

Lemon said that it was, “a new low from a president who goes low all the time,” because Trump, who is handling an epic and deadly crisis, found time to retweet yet another conspiracy theory about Obama.

Lemon said it was a “shameless attempt” to distract Americans from Trump’s countless failures in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic that has infected 1,184,248 and killed 68,286 others.

He shared: “In a time when we need leadership when we need compassion, this is the crap that you’re peddling? Conspiracy theories?”

Lemon had a few words of praises for former President George W. Bush, who recently posted a video where he called for unity among Americans during this pandemic. Trump was quick to bash Bush for his words.

Lemon went on to directly ask Trump the following questions: “What is it about President Obama that really gets under your skin? Is it because he’s smarter than you? Better-educated? Made it on his own, didn’t need daddy’s help? Wife is more accomplished? Better looking? I don’t know, what is it, what is it about him? That he’s a black man that’s accomplished being president? That he punked you on the whole birth certificate thing? What is it about him? Just wondering.”

The video went viral with millions of views, and many people mocking Trump’s obsession with the Democratic politician.

A person said the following on social media: “Trump is obsessed with Obama like Joe Exotic is with Carol Baskin. Trump is flexing those twitter fingers as we speak 😂 he finna turn from orange to red.”

This backer of Obama revealed: “I just choked on my water. Whew, 😅 Don just poetically read this man for filth👏🏽👏🏽 Tell us how you really feel! He’s 💯 correct. 46-1 is so obsessed with President Obama. He’s jealous of him. President Obama has more class, intelligence, common sense, vision, etc. in his pinky finger than 46-1 has in his entire body.”

This TV viewer wrote: “What in the Housewives of Atlanta kinda shade is this… I’m here for it👏🏾. I know the answer it’s his stroll that all men of color were blessed with. Could you imagine this Trump dude doing it? But on a real note, Barack is a bright man Trump not!”

Many believe that Trump will respond.


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