Monica’s Ex-Husband, Shannon Brown, Arrested For Shooting At People For This Reason — Many Of His Backers Point To The Ahmaud Arbery Case

Shannon Brown Monica's Ex-Husband Arrested

Many are surprised to discover that on May 2nd, the ex-husband of singer Monica, Shannon Brown was arrested for allegedly trying to protect his own home.

The former basketball player and reality TV star was hit with aggravated assault charges after he allegedly fired a gun several times at a couple who attempted to enter his Atlanta mansion that he once shared with Monica and is now trying to sell.

According to local media outlets, the unnamed duo apparently saw the gate and the front door open and decided to enter the home. Shannon was rapidly arrested after the incident took place.

According to reports: “Tyrone Police Department spokesman, Philip Nelson, said the couple contacted the police at 9:45 P.M. When Brown was questioned about the shooting, he said he thought they were breaking into the property. The couple alleged that the front gate and the front door was open at the ‘for sale’ house. They also apparently heard someone say “come in” after they identified themselves at the property. Officers found one shell casing at the scene in question.”

Shannon played with the Cavaliers and the Lakers and has a net worth of around $8 million. Fans have been defending him and pointing to the Ahmaud Arbery case.

One person had this to say: “So two white men can gun an innocent black man down in the street, but a black man can’t defend his home somebody broke into?! #Merica.”

This commenter added: “But it’s his house, why is it aggravated assault if they were trespassing? So a black can’t protect his property either?!”

Another social media user stated: “In his own house? 🤔 Something is not right. I don’t care what sign is in the yard. You can’t just walk into a home. 🤨 Monica come get him please… he’s literally begging at this point. 😩”

This backer shared: “Why is anyone house shopping during Quarantine 😩But a for sale sign doesn’t mean come in and look around? It means to find out more info by maybe knocking on the dam Door.”

This supporter wrote: “So he didn’t kill anyone but got arrested and charged immediately.🤔But if he was white, he could’ve killed them, went home, and ate a chicken dinner with no worries. AMERIKA.”

The alleged victims say they were searching for a home and they just followed the “FOR SALE” sign, they filed the report after he let them go. Shannon has not commented on the arrest.


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