Angela Simmons And Her Sister, Vanessa, Flaunt Their Beach Bodies In New Photos While Promoting Self Love — ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Stars Made Jaws Drop

Angela Simmons Vanessa Self-Care Rules

It appears that Angela Simmons has gained a new appreciation for herself while staying at home due to the imposed self-isolating measures. Her sister, Vanessa Simmons, has also decided to share an uplifting note about self-care in this time of crisis.

The Growing Up Hip Hop starlet updated her Instagram page with numerous revealing photos in which she posed for the camera only in a skimpy bikini.

The bombshell appeared to be without any makeup in her snaps, which revealed her natural beauty.

In the caption of her post, Angela explained in detail her struggle with keeping her body in shape and confessed that “her weight fluctuates,” so there were days when she did not have toned abs.

However, the 32-year-old celebrity elaborated further by stating that she learned to love her body, because her “strength is rooted deeper than the surface,” and encouraged her fans to do the same for themselves.

Furthermore, Angela admitted that while it certainly was not easy to learn to appreciate herself, it was definitely “worth it.”

Angela also tried to be even more encouraging as she wrote, “You don’t have to be what anyone (society) tells you to be. You can be YOU freely. There’s nothing more beautiful than a confident woman.”

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Earlier, the “Pastry” designer took to social media to reveal how she was dealing with self-isolation from the world and confessed that she even bought a moving steam room because spa visits were out of the question for the moment.

Also, it appears that the celebrity decided to take care of her health, as Angela claimed she was about to start a cleansing eating plan that would last for 10 days and would rely mostly on plants.

Vanessa shared a stunning photo of her fit body and advised fans to care for themselves while in lockdown because of the ongoing pandemic.

She also spoke to People and explained: “Baths every day — I’ve turned into Rev Run, it’s really happened. I’ve turned into my dad. Baths and self-care definitely help keep me grounded, energized, and happy for my daughter, which is important. Can’t [pour] from an empty glass.”

The mom of one and businesswoman then shared: “Do not be so hard on yourself, take care of your mind, and make sure there’s as much positivity around for the kids as possible. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a lesson plan; jump on it the next day. Just take it one day at a time and realize this isn’t a productivity contest, but more so, we’re all going through something together, and our mindsets are going to be different every day.”

Angela seems to know what she is doing.


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