Dennis Rodman Blows The Lid Off Kim Jong Un’s Wild Death And Body Double Conspiracy Theories And Reveals What The North Korean Leader Might Be Busy Doing

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There are many bizarre speculations about Kim Jong Un — is he alive and well? Is he dead and has been replaced by his sister or uncle? Others want to know if the North Korean leader is having health issues and if he was replaced by a body double.

Leave it to Dennis Rodman to reveal what he believes is going on in the extraordinary world of Kim Jong Un.

The former basketball star recently did an interview where he explained that the leader is alive and is well despite the many rumors running rampant on social media.

Rodman went further by saying that Kim Jong Un is living the good life and is probably spending his time like millions of passionate basketball fans, he is busy watching the Michael Jordan documentary, The Last Dance.

The pop figured added: “HUGE Bulls fan.”

The former Chicago Bulls player was asked about the reports that Kim Jong Un had died at the age of 36 after a botched heart surgery.

He revealed: “It probably wasn’t much. I’ve been to dinner with dignitaries there that were reported to be dead here. I don’t believe North Korean news until I hear it from their side. I think the fact that they keep to themselves, in many ways, gives the media the ability to run with rumors at times.”

Rodman also took the chatter that the dictator is using a body double: “Ha, haha. That’sThat’s a stretch.”

He also spoke about Kim Jong Un’s sister, Kim Yo-jong: “His sister was a sweetheart. She was very kind to me when [I was a] guest.”

After the rumors claimed that Kim Jong Un had died, it was said that the 32-year-old sister of Kim Jong Un might not be the only candidate to take over her brother’s place as the leader of North Korea.

The uncle of Kim Jong Un and Kim Yo-jong, Kim Pyong-il, had a great chance to take the leading position over the country, as the 65-year-old is viewed by many as a more suitable candidate for ruling North Korea since Kim Yo-jong was considered to be inexperienced with her young age.

At the same time, her gender played a role too. Also, another factor that made Kim Pyong-il a possible successor was the fact that he is the last remaining son of the founder of the country, Kim II-sung.

In the late 70s, Kim Pyong-il reportedly displeased his father with his lavish lifestyle and involvement with numerous women, so he was given a diplomatic position.

As a result, the uncle of Kim Jong Un spent four decades in countries like Hungary, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, and the Czech Republic.

However, according to the former North Korean politician, Thae Young-ho, “The problem is that a Kim Yo-jong-led North Korea is unlikely to be sustainable,” and “To avoid this, some in the leadership would try to bring back Kim Pyong-il, who’s now under house arrest, to the center of power.”

Meanwhile, lots of political figures stated that Kim Pyong-il would not be the next leader of North Korea.

According to Kim Byeong-ki, from the South Korean parliament, for the time being, there are no signs that Kim Pyong-il would take the position of Kim Jong Un.

Some experts say Kim Jong Un faked his death to reveal traitors in his entourage. The North Korean leader put out a statement this week praising China’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

It was his first official statement since his big return.


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