George Floyd Appears Not To Resist Arrest In New Video As Minneapolis Protests Lead To Looting And Fire

George Floyd Derek Chauvin Minneapolis Protests AUTOZONE

George Floyd‘s death has sparked outcry around the country, and protests in Minneapolis are getting more attention and growing in intensity.

This development comes after a surveillance video has surfaced, and it does not appear that Floyd, a black man, was resisting arrest as cops claimed originally.

A camera from a nearby restaurant caught some of what happened on that fateful day. In the new clip, it seems that Floyd, in handcuffs, is being asked to sit on the ground after he was led from a vehicle, and he is shown to be complying with the different orders.

Cops initially claimed that Floyd resisted arrest as he left his vehicle. In a viral video that surfaced earlier this week, fired cop white cop Derek Chauvin is shown pinning his knee on Floyd’s neck, and he later died in police custody.

Floyd could be heard saying: “I cannot breathe! I cannot breathe! Don’t kill me” The cry for help is reminiscent of what happened to Eric Garner in New York in 2014.

The FBI has now joined the Minnesota state authorities in investigating the deadly incident of alleged police brutality.

Mayor Jacob Frey said o Twitter Wednesday: “Four responding MPD officers involved in the death of George Floyd have been terminated. This is the right call.”

The move was not enough to calm things in the city, and law enforcement has become the target of angry protesters who are calling for justice.

However, some of them were pictured looting a Target and other department stores, and armed citizens (mostly white) are also out trying to stop the so-called looters.

Experts say, with machetes and rifles involved; an already-tense situation could get dangerous very quickly. Moreover, some businesses like an Autozone were set on fire Wednesday night.

Right-wing voices, who were slightly sympathetic to the call for justice, are now saying that as usual in situations like these, bad actors have hijacked the movement from legitimate protesters. Police forces did not appear to be present during the most recent developments.

The incident has even become political as President Donald Trump and his presumed Democratic opponent in the November election, Joe Biden, have weighen in.

The protests are starting to go beyond the state of Minnesota as the freeway near downtown Los Angeles, California, was taken over by people marching and calling for justice.

Confirming the national nature of what is going on right now, a commenter stated: “There’s a protest happening in downtown Memphis as well, and they got guns and tear gas. They are attacking ppl for no reason.”

A critic replied: “You won’t protest in front of the police station, but you close streets down to people who need to get home, to work or the hospital ??? People just don’t think, right! I get its a good cause, but they came about it all wrong.”

For a few observers, this situation is reminiscent of 2016 and the battle between Black Lives Matter and All Lives Matter.


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