Kate Middleton And Princess Charlotte Caught Making Rare Fashion Faux Pas

Kate Middleton Princess Charlotte Fashion Faux-Pas

While the focus on the royal family tends to fall on its more prominent members and those with an active public presence, it looks like even younger family members are not exempted from all the attention and have to deal with curious eyes and ears from an early age.

Thankfully, the royal family has not been too reluctant to share details about the lives of those of its members, with a recent example being Princess Charlotte.

Even though Prince William‘s daughter is only three years old, the young princess has already attracted a lot of public attention. Many people are reportedly following her daily life as closely as they can through the veil of secrecy dropped around her.

Like Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle, Princess Charlotte is already considered to be a fashionista who has the power to give brands and designers a significant boost.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, and her daughter’s every fashion move is also scrutinized by the experts, the media, and even fans.

Recently, Kate and Princess Charlotte went on a shopping spree at Sainsbury’s, and they were met with confusion.

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While many were happy to see the royal family, they were baffled by the fact that they were wearing winter coats in the middle of August.

Royal experts Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie had this to say about the fashion faux pas: “Kate’s worn clothes from Sainsbury’s before and used it a lot with Prince Louis. The interview about her being at Sainsbury’s was actually from Kate Carter, who’s the founder of Ugly Duckling Creations. She’s the one that saw her in the shop and was pretty shocked to see her there. But Kate of Ugly Duckling Creations mentioned that Charlotte was out in her forest green coat, the one she wore at Christmas.”


There was a reasonable explanation for what had first appeared to be a fashion misstep: “I was confused. How is that possible, it’s August? I was wondering if this was from a previous time, and it had just gotten picked up. But we did some digging, and it was actually a pretty chilly week in the UK last week. I feel like that makes sense but I feel like a wool coat is still a little intense for August.”

Because she is part of the royal family, young Charlotte’s life is in the limelight. The little girl, like her famous father, is reportedly quite used to luxury and has everything she needs, including a massive closet, the latest and greatest toys, attending quality preschool institutions, and having lots of social contacts.

Many predict that a new shining celebrity on the horizon, but at that young age, Princess Charlotte is not aware of how important or famous she is.

However, there is time for everything — and there is no doubt that she will sooner or later get a taste of popularity with her fashion choices and charity works.


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