Cassie Shares Very Revealing Photo, Critics Ask Her To Cover Up For This Absurd Reason

Cassie Ventura Alex Fine Baby Frankie

Singer Cassie is a happy mother who loves to share sweet photos of her adorable baby girl, Frankie Fine.

However, her latest mother/daughter moment did not go as planned because many critics attacked her for showing too much.

The singer and actress shared a picture where she is wearing a crisp white shirt that was wide open. The star not only showed off her lace bra, and she also flaunted a lot of cleavage.

Alex Fine‘s wife, who is a well-known model, is not afraid to bare it all.

However, now that she is a mother, some fans think that she needs to cover up a bit more. Others made inappropriate comments about the baby’s skin color.

A critic, who disapproved of Cassie’s sultry photo, made this remark: “Have to show that skin even in a baby photo. 😕”

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A social media user made this unnecessary comment about the innocent baby girl: “Poor baby is melanin challenged. Still a cutie, though.”

Cassie was defended by a fan who shared some details about her parents: “Wow, what a miserable comment…really? Talking about a baby? None of the parents is black. What did you expect that baby look like?”

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Khloé Kardashian had a sweet message for the new mom: “Such beautiful ladies!!!! What a sweetie. 😍”

Since ending her decade-long romance with Sean Combs, better known as Diddy, Cassie has been riding the high train of life, which led to rapidly getting engaged, married, and having a baby girl.

Alex has been showering his wife with praises for all big and small occasions — he recently penned this loving message that read: “Happy 1st Mother’s Day to the best Mama, Wife, and best friend. You two are so perfect, and I love that the rest of my life will be with you two. Thank you for being the most caring, sweet, and beautiful human to Frankie and I… FYI I hired a Mariachi band to wake everyone up right now to start the festivities, but they didn’t show, so I guess we’ll sleep in. Also, Happy Day to all the mamas out there.”

One of Cassie’s backers stepped in to add: “Happy 1st Mother’s Day to my sweet, loving, smart, funny, and beautiful baby girl! You have a loving husband, a gorgeous daughter, and a lifetime of adventures ahead! p.s. if the Mariachi band shows up, get up and dance! ♥️♥️♥️💐”

Some supporters find their love story inspiring.


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